Showering Squiggle with Love

We have been so fortunate during this pregnancy. In addition to the outpouring of love from our family and friends, we’ve been given so many gifts. We’ve really been blessed and haven’t had to come out of pocket much to prepare for the birth of our daughter thanks to our family gifting us with large purchases like furniture for the nursery, a carseat and extra base, and other gear like a pack n’ play and rock n’ play. We’ve also received numerous gifts in the mail from loved ones around the country. And we’ve had three baby showers over the last few months where we stocked up on clothing, diapers, and other baby essentials.

Seriously, you guys. I can’t begin to express my gratitude. Thank you notes just don’t seem like enough.

Back in January, the ladies of Adam’s motorcycle club threw me a biker themed baby shower. One of gals even put together this motorcycle made from diapers and baby blankets. (How cute!) We got some great gifts and I had a fun afternoon hanging out with my red and black sisters.

A few weeks ago we traveled to Georgia to celebrate with our framily there. Adam’s mom, Charlene, and “adopted” mom, Gina, put together an adventure themed shower at a local BBQ restaurant. Everything from the invitations and the decorations to the food and the company was really, really good. I wish I would have taken more photos but I was so consumed with enjoying myself that I only managed to snap one photo myself but I grabbed a photo of Adam and I from Facebook.

I was glad I’d emptied the back of my Xterra before we made the trip because we had that thing loaded down on our drive back to Florida. Also, how cute is that diaper cake?! I don’t have the heart to take it apart.

When we got home, I was so excited to empty the car and really go through everything since I opened gifts in such a flash. I took the time to really look at everything and made piles of laundry to wash. Bean thought the new collection of blankies was for him and as he curled up in a particularly plush blanket while I sat on the nursery floor sorting, I didn’t have the heart to tell him it actually wasn’t for him.

A couple weekends ago my friend of forever, Amanda, and my Aunt Angela threw a baby shower fiesta and invited all my favorite gals. When Amanda and I were tossing around ideas for a theme I suggested tacos because that’s basically all I’ve wanted to eat throughout this entire pregnancy. (Plus, #tacosarelife.) Amanda also happens to be a huge Mexican food fan and was on board for a baby fiesta. And boy girl did they put on a great fiesta! (Also, how cute is that tiny sombrero headband? And it matched my outfit so well!)

Family and friends came in from various states. My aunt, cousin, and Meemaw drove in from North Carolina. My friend Tara, her daughter Madilyn, and mom Tarin drove in from Alabama. My BFF Shelley drove up from Tampa. And all of my local favorites turned out to celebrate. We ate tacos and cupcakes and drank margaritas and sangria (none for me unfortunately!) while enjoying the beautiful Florida weather on Amanda’s (newly finished) outdoor patio and pool deck.

And the gifts! Oh, the gifts! One thing is for sure, this little girl already has quite the wardrobe. We also received a lot of practical gifts and items off our registry. Again, I couldn’t wait to get home and slowly go through everything and savor the thought that was placed into every item. (How cute is that tiny t-shirt in the photo below? Gosh, I hope this little girl inherits my red hair!)

But of all the photos from that day, this one of me and my BFF Shelley is my favorite. Squiggle can’t wait to meet her BFF Squishy in June! Being pregnant with my oldest friend has been so much fun. (And nice to have someone to complain to who really gets it, though both of us have been super fortunate with having easy pregnancies so far.)

I love that each of the showers was completely different and covered all the sides of my personality. One thing about it, this baby sure is loved! (And she’s not even here yet!) Now that we’ve been sufficiently showered and the nursery is finished, we just sit back and wait until baby girl decides to make her grand entrance.

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