Grab some popcorn, we’re going to the movies!

The same thing happens every weekend. Adam and I toss around ideas for date night but once Saturday evening rolls around (the end of my week) we’re both exhausted and want nothing more than to get in our pajamas and relax on the couch with takeout and a movie. A few weekends ago after realizing we’d exhausted all of the (good) Redbox options, I came up with the idea of digging through our DVD collections and watching movies the other hasn’t seen. This idea mostly came about when I realized Adam hasn’t seen ANY of the Harry Potter movies. (What in the world…?!)

This is also about the time that I reminisce about Blockbuster and how much I miss stopping by on Friday night to rent the week’s latest releases. Excuse me, my age is showing. #dontforgettorewind

On Sundays, we sometimes make up for staying in and go out for a breakfast + movie date. We’ve been spoiled by our local AMC theater which has the giant reclining seats and the option to reserve seating. I mean, I don’t know how I ever sat in a normal theater seat and took my chances on seating arrangements. We can never visit a normal theater again.

All of this to say, we’ve watched quite a few movies lately. Some are new, some are old, some are probably on Netflix, some you’ll have to head to a theater to see. (I hope you have the option of reserved reclining seating.)

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them


Let’s kick off this list with a bang, shall we? In case I haven’t made it obnoxiously obvious by now, I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. I could not wait to don my Slytherin colors and head to the theater to see this movie. And it was everything I hoped it would be and more. I will admit that the beginning starts off a little slow but the movie picks up in grandiose fashion. As an Eddie Redmayne fan I thought he was a perfect Newt Scamander. Eddie tends to play the same sort of character roles – the shy, quiet guy (or girl if you’re referring to The Danish Girl) who is smart and witty – but that persona worked so well in this movie. (Need more Fantastic Beasts?)



This was Adam’s first choice in our movie exchange. He talks about this movie all the time and is always shocked to learn I’d never seen it before. Brief summary via IMDB: “In a countryside town bordering on a magical land, a young man makes a promise to his beloved that he’ll retrieve a fallen star by venturing into the magical realm.” Stardust was good, a little strange and not something I’d necessarily see Adam liking but enjoyable nonetheless. But with a star studded cast including Robert De Niro (who plays a cross dressing pirate), Michelle Pfeiffer, Sienna Miller, and Henry Cavill, it would be difficult for the movie to be terrible.

Harry Potter 1 & 2


I finally exposed Adam to the magical world. After he enjoyed watching Fantastic Beasts, I knew he was ready. There isn’t a “bad” Harry Potter movie but the first two are kind of dull in comparison to the rest of the series. He survived Sorcerer’s Stone and asked to watch Chamber of Secrets so he must not have been too bored. I can’t wait to show him Order of the Phoenix through the final Deathly Hollows. I already have chills and tears thinking about it. #ripdobby

The Accountant


I am not a Ben Affleck fan. I find him dry and uninteresting in most movies. (WHYYYY?!?!?! was he Batman?!) Needless to say, I was apprehensive to see The Accountant. Christian Wolff was diagnosed with Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome as a child. His father thought the way to “cure” him was through strict and rigorous physical training. Christian is a math wiz and grows up to be an accountant for a lot of unsavory people which eventually puts him on the FBI’s radar. For once Ben’s dry acting style paid off. This movie was intense and suspenseful until the very end. I loved the dynamic between Dana (Anna Kendrick) and Christian. And I’m hoping they’ll come out with a sequel that follows Christian’s next move.

Hell or High Water


A Redbox pick from Adam that he really enjoyed but I found incredibly boring. Hell or High Water is about two brothers who rob a series of banks in Texas in an effort to save the family ranch. For a movie that had a pretty star studded cast, it definitely fell short of my expectations. But I will tell you that although I didn’t enjoy the movie, apparently the critics loved it. Forbes called it “the best film of 2016” and Variety called it “the best movie of the summer.” Also, I will not complain about having to stare at Chris Pine for 102 minutes.

Sausage Party


Put it this way: all five living creatures in this household fell asleep on the couch somewhere in the middle of Sausage Party and we returned it to Redbox without even caring to find out how it ended. I picked up this movie when Adam was on the tail end of a stomach bug thinking he could use some cheering up but it was just stupid. And despite the fact that the movie was super crude and distasteful, I wasn’t even offended… I just hated it.

Shutter Island


Somehow Adam had never seen Shutter Island so I had to solve that. I love this brain teasing movie and because I don’t know how to describe it without spoilers, here’s the summary from IMDB: “In 1954, a U.S. marshal investigates the disappearance of a murderess who escaped from a hospital for the criminally insane.” I think Adam was still a little bit confused at the end of this movie but I think the cliffhanger is brilliant. (Also on the list of Leo movies to watch: Inception.)

 The Intern


(Two Robert De Niro gifs in one post? You’re welcome.) We stumbled upon The Intern on HBO one night when I wasn’t particularly in the mood to watch a movie. Jules (Anne Hathaway) runs a start up fashion site which starts a campaign to hire senior citizen interns. Ben (Robert De Niro), a retired salesman and widower, applies for the job and becomes Jules’ intern, who isn’t exactly thrilled about the arrangement. But they end up forming a friendship and Ben becomes a business advisor of sorts for Jules. If you’re looking for a feel good movie that borders on Chick Flick but still appreciated by the fellas, this is your movie. And now every time we catch it on TV, we watch it.

What movies have you seen lately that you loved or loathed? I’m dying to see Moana which has gotten rave reviews.

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  1. I can’t waiiiit to see Moana, but I confess that I was really disappointed by Fantastic Beats; it just didn’t have the charm I’ve come to expect from that franchise. And I’d forgotten all about Shutter Island, but damn, that was a bizarre & creepy & wonderful movie!

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