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Curly Hair to Curled Hair

Back in May, I cut off a couple of much needed inches from my hair and vowed to embrace my natural curls throughout the summer. The Florida heat and humidity is not kind to my super curly and frizz prone locks. And I’m proud to say that I managed to make it until August before pulling out the curling iron.

Why did I finally (mostly) throw in the towel on my naturally curly hair and go running back to my beloved curling iron? Well, there are a few reasons really.

I wasn’t saving any time.

When I started this journey, I was under the impression that I would save time each morning styling my hair au naturel. But my hair needs to be wet which means showering in the morning and adding at least 15 minutes to my regimen. When you also factor in the 15 minutes it takes to apply product and dry, I’ve spent 30 minutes just dealing with my hair. When I plan to use my curling iron, I shower the night before, let my hair air dry, and spend about 10 minutes styling in the morning. (Plus, I just really prefer showering at night.)

Hair products are expensive.

My average curly hair product cocktail includes seven products shower to finish. (I never found that magical one product solution.) I only use four products when curling my hair with an iron. Less products means less money spent… and frankly less gunk to put in and wash out of my hair.

My power is in my hair.

Every woman has that one thing that makes her feel powerful. Maybe it’s winged eyeliner, red lipstick, or a specific outfit. For me, it’s my hair. I like my naturally curly hair… but I don’t love it. I just never feel as fully put together and confident as I do when I style my hair with an iron. When you look good, you feel good. And I didn’t feel like I was giving myself the proper hairdo for success. Plus, with my growing waistline, I was starting to feel frumpy. It’s amazing what a good hairstyle can do for a girl’s confidence.

I’m not giving up on my curly locks entirely. There’s a time and place for going au naturel, like Sunday Funday adventures hiking through Florida estuaries or when my hair just needs a break from the heat tools. But for the most part, I’m besties with my curling iron again. And it feels really, really good to be back on again.

PS. I have to tell you guys about this new product that I’ve been using and loving. I’ve talked about being a fan of the Overtones color depositing conditioner. But I received a tube of Pravana Nevo Color Enhancer Treatment in the color Copper (affiliate link) in one of my H2BAR boxes. This stuff is magical. Not only does it leave my hair feeling incredibly soft, it’s turned it into the perfect shade of red. I use it once or twice a week to keep the color vibrant. At a fraction of the price and upkeep as dying my hair, it has become my new favorite redhead product.

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  1. Oh girl I hear you! My hair is also naturally curly/wavy/frizzy and hence why its up in a bun 98% of the time. When it’s down I curl it with my curling wand. I rarely ever wear it naturally for pretty much the same reasons you listed. CURLED HAIR UNITE! 😉

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