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What’s In My Bag

It’s no secret that a woman keeps all of her power inside her purse. Women’s purses have struck fear in men for years and many still refuse to peek inside. Adam constantly makes fun of me for having a Mary Poppins style bag. To him I carry to much; to me I’m carrying the essentials.

But as women, I think we have a normal curiosity as to what our female counterparts tote around. I love reading posts like this because I feel like it gives me a little bit of insight into the lives of women. Do they carry toys for their kids? A bag full of cosmetics for touch ups on the run? Electronic gadgets to stay organized? Here’s a peek inside of my bag and some of the products I love and use on a regular basis.


Believe it or not alllll of this fits inside that bag. I recently purchased this leopard print Steve Madden bag on Instagram from @LovelyAmy27. I’m not one of those girls who changes out bags frequently so I like to typically carry neutral colored bags to keep my outfits from completely clashing. (And we all know leopard is a neutral, right?) Also, I love the pockets and versatility of carrying this bag by the handles or shoulder strap.


I always carry my planner, an inexpensive Mead planner that I picked up at WalMart during back to school season and decorated to my liking. Recently I’ve added this Spider-Man notebook to collect random ideas. I daydream a lot which is great but leads to a cloudy mind. This notebook helps me to dump out all my thoughts and clear my mind. And of course, #tinyspidey who’s always ready for an adventure.


To go along with my planner and notebook, I keep a very small clear cylindrical tote with business cards, writing instruments, sticky notes, washi tape, and paper clips. My favorite pens and pencils right now are PaperMate Flairs (I buy my three favorite colors – black, red, and purple – in bulk) and PaperMate Mates mechanical pencils (they’re triangular and have super thick lead which never breaks).

I also carry a small Betsy Johnson cosmetic bag full of lipsticks, feminine products, spare hearing aid batteries for Adam, hair ties, and other girly odds and ends. I’m currently trying out different red lipsticks trying to find the perfect one for the wedding. So far I’ve found a Rimmel lipstick in a shade I like best (which I’ve recently lost!) and a Sephora lip stain in a formula I like best. (Can’t I just combine them?) This NYX shade is one I picked up recently. And the NYC lipstick in Sugar Plum is a great everyday neutral.


My wallet is an old Coach card holder that I got years and years ago. I only carry the necessities – IDs, credit cards, membership cards, and some cash. I carry enough in my purse; I don’t need a big bulky wallet as well. My iPad is in my purse a lot and rotates between this Kate Spade case and my Logitech keyboard case. In the rare occasion that my iPhone 6 Plus isn’t in my hand, it’s in my purse. And lastly, since I live in Florida, believe in the right to bear arms, and have my Concealed Weapons License, I carry my pink Taurus TCP in a Flashbang Betty holster. (When I carry on my person, I like to use my Flashbang Ava holster.)

What are some of your essentials and must haves in your purse?

2 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag”

  1. I cannot believe you get those pens in bulk…but I may have to do the same. Scored a 10 color pack for $10 and I often have blue fingers. #PapermateFTW
    Also, you should find me a new bag. I’m sick of mine and I want to steal yours!

  2. Fun post! I don’t know that my purse is that exciting: I have one mini (blue & white polka dot) bag that holds my chap stick. lip gloss & lipstick shades as well as feminine supplies; another silver one holds my hair ties, bobby pins and a variety of pens; then there’s my wallet, my Nook (if I’m planning on reading at lunch), my Epi-Pens (just in case), my cell phone and my Franklin Covey Planner. I have a larger purse as well and I love it.. most days. You’ll also occasionally find some receipts and random odds & ends because I’m not the best at cleaning out the ole purse.

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