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A (Not So) Boring Weekend

On Saturday night, Adam and I were trying to decide what to for the rest of the weekend and I complained that we always do the same thing. Dinner and a movie at home. We never do anything different or spontaneous. Wah, wah, our life is boring! This isn’t even true; I don’t know why I get so melodramatic at times.

So, Saturday night we decided to drive up to Adam’s in Saint Mary’s where we had a late dinner around 9pm. We got a call to meet a group of friends in Fernandina so we headed south… and finally ended up back at the apartment around 2am.




Sunday morning we woke up, had lunch, and hit the ponds for a little bit of fishing. Adam beat me by two fish (there wasn’t much biting) and since I wasn’t catching anything I decided to try out some new tricks with my camera.



Since Adam was off on Monday, we headed back down to Fernandina to have lunch and check out some of the local shops. I finally got to visit Colie’s and pick up the Georgia pride scarf I’ve been lusting after. (Side note: I had to go buy more rings for my scarf rack. My collection is getting pretty ridiculous. #sendhelp #notreally) After following Ashley on Instagram for a few months, it was nice to finally meet her and check out her little boutique.

We had lunch at a little restaurant by the water at Marina Seafood Restaurant. I had the meatloaf lunch special and Adam had a cup of chowder and a salad. Both were delicious! Oh, and funny story. The restaurant was a little short staffed so two “regulars” stepped in and offered their services so the restaurant wouldn’t be so backed up. Gotta love small town life!





After lunch, we walked along the marina boardwalk. Adam even humored me with some more photos to show off my new scarf and after creating a makeshift tripod with my purse, I captured some photos of the two of us together. We don’t get those very often!

That last one is my favorite picture from the day. I love this handsome guy so much!

Monday night it was back down to Jacksonville for dinner with my family to celebrate my uncle’s birthday. And we wrapped up the weekend with some cuddling on the couch while watching The Blacklist. (That show is SO GOOD! Is anyone else as addicted as we are? And we’re not even TV people! Also, I’m so behind on The Voice. There’s a hometown girl on there who is rocking it! I need to catch up.)

Gosh, our weekends sure are boring! Hardy-har-har! How was your weekend?

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