How to Choose A Mattress for Your Baby

Choosing the right mattress for your kid is not as easy as you may think. The fact is that we and our kids have different sleeping habits. The best mattress can help your kid get a good night’s sleep. There is a wide range of choices out there. Besides, there is also a lot of things we have to consider when choosing the best mattresses for our babies. Keeping reading this article to learn how to choose a mattress for kids. Then, you can get all the tools that help you to make the best choice.

Things to Consider When Buying A Mattress For Kids

Density of The Mattress

When shopping for the best mattresses for your kids, it’s better to look for the dense mattress. You can check the mattress’s firmness for the density of it. In order to check the density of the mattress, you can press your hands together at its sides. If it’s simple to push the mattress, it means that the product is not dense enough.


Well, innerspring mattresses are normally more durable than foam mattresses because they come with coils made of steel. Using coils aim to ensure that the mattress can support the pressure over time. Therefore, it’s a great idea to shop for a mattress with at least 150 coils.


A mattress for kids must be waterproof. For your baby, it’s able to count on pee, spill bottles, poop, and even throw up. That’s why it’s important to choose a waterproof mattress. Also, you can choose a mattress with a waterproof cover for protection.


As you know, your mattress can accumulate dust mites. This is not good news for your kid, especially for those who have allergies. Therefore, it’s vital to ensure to buy a washable mattress for your kid.

Eco/Green Materials

Sure, you will want your kid to be safe when they’re awake and sleep as well. Therefore, we recommend you to look for an eco/green mattress. They will be free of any harmful chemicals such as VOCs, polyurethane, flame retardants, phthalates, and other fumes or heavy metals. It’s best to go for ones with the CertiPUR-US certification.


There are many mattresses made with some kind of chemicals. They are not safe for your kid’s health. Therefore, avoid choosing them. You need to choose the CertiPUR-US certification on the mattress.

Firm Mattress

The firmness of a mattress you choose for your kids will be decided by their age.  However, most mattresses for kids are made with medium firmness. They are suitable for kids of all ages. However, if you notice the mattress is not firm enough, take your time to look for a mattress topper in order to adjust its firmness.

Soft Mattress

As mentioned above, the firmness of the mattress you choose for your kids depends on their age. When shopping for the mattress, look for the Indentation Load Deflection ILD. Remember that soft beds are great for ILD of more than 25 pounds. And, firm beds work well for ILD of more than 31. For ILD between 25 and 31 pounds, it’s best to look for medium beds.

Kids Safety

If you are looking for a new mattress for your kids, keep in mind that they don’t come with any side supports as on their cribs. Therefore, it’s important to check the bounce of the mattress in order to keep them safe while sleeping. Don’t select ones with a lot of bounce because it can cause your kid to accidentally be bounced off their bed.

The breathability

Make sure you choose a mattress with good breathability. This factor is to help your kids regulate their temperature. It also means your kids can get the risk of SIDS caused by overheating. A breathable mattress can help to wick any perspiration away from your kids.

If your family members are having a problem with asthma or allergies, you will want to get a hypo-allergenic or anti-allergenic cover for mattress. It can help to remove dust mites that can lead to allergies.

Think Of The Future

Purchasing a mattress is not a task you have to do every day or even every year. Because a good mattress can last for a long period of time. Therefore, you should choose a durable one so that it can last from the toddler’s bed up to adolescence.

The Endurance of The Materials

Although you may always keep your eyes on the world to your kids and their mattresses, your kids may like to destroy their mattresses. In fact, they may also jump on top of the mattress, spilling liquids, as well as so many others.

Kids Shared Bed

If you want to get the best mattress with a shared bed, you should look for the right firmness level for your kid’s age.


Although you will have to clean your new mattress for dust mites, dust mites will still begin developing later. Therefore, it’s essential to maintain the mattress cleaned in order to avoid their build-up. Keep this in mind, and remember to clean the bedsheets every week. Also, you should air out the cover for about 2 hours.

Crib Mattress

Crib mattress has 52 5/6 x 28 5/8 inches. They are available in different types to choose from. It’s important to choose one that is firm in order to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Also, the mattress you choose must bring good support. After all, your kids can spend a lot of time sleeping on the crib mattresses you choose for them.

Twin Mattress

These mattresses are one of the best favorite choices for kids. This mattress has 38 x 75 inches. They are one of the most affordable mattresses. However, if you plan to buy a mattress for your kid, you have to think about the overall picture.

It’s is easy to see the truth your kids are growing day after day. Therefore, a great mattress today may not fit in just a few years.

Short Twin Mattress

Actually, this mattress has 34 x 75 inches. It is the perfect choice for your kids if they have small rooms. Like being said that, your kids are growing. As a result, they won’t simply fit in their bed.

Twin XL Mattress

This mattress has 38 X 80 inches. Therefore, it’s important to decide whether you want to save some money now and purchase a new bigger mattress later or if you want to spend your money buying a full mattress now.

Full Mattress

The full mattress has a size of 54″ x 75″. This size seems to be the right size for your kids. If you choose a high-quality mattress, it can be able to last for many years. It comes with the same length as twin mattresses, while its width is larger than twin mattresses.


All baby and child mattresses come with an outside fabric layer in addition to a waterproof side. Thus, don’t forget to clean them regularly. To do this, you can wipe it down or vacuum it. You may want to shop for a special mattress cover for cleaning with ease.

You can get different types of covers from specialist retailers. They may be anti-allergy, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial covers, heat-regulating, organic covers, and moisture-wicking covers. They can help to prevent your baby from overheating.

Now, you have got all the important info about choosing a mattress for kids. Your selection will depend on your personal needs, your plan to use it, as well as your budget.