Best Soil for Growing Weed

If you love cannabis and you want to grow marijuana at home, this post is right for you. As a beginner, it’s important to know the best soil for weed first before going out to grow your own marijuana.

Don’t worry! We are here to help you learn about that. One of the best ways to get plants to grow healthy is to grow cannabis in the soil. In order to get the right balance of factors, you need to know what kind of soil you should use. This helps you to get professional results. This post has need-to-know info for the best soil for weed.

The Best Dirt for Growing Weed

This depends on the number of critical factors regarding outdoor cannabis cultivation. First, it’s time to choose an appropriate strain for the climate. Next, you need to answer to question to dig or not to dig? It’s vital to get into the specifics before rushing into plowing a field.

Different Types of Soil You Can Get

Sandy Soil

This kind includes large granules in it. This oil is known for water drainage. This type of soil has a low Ph. This is not the best selection for you if you want to water to stay in your plant’s roots.

In addition, the nutrients of this soil may be washed away with sand. As a result, your plants can’t absorb it.

Clay Soil

This soil comes with very small granules. This soil is very heavy because it’s packed together. Don’t like the previous soil, this soil has a higher pH. Also, it’s not easy to work with.

This soil includes minerals in it. It has the ability to retain a lot of water. This feature is important to make your plants stable. In order to drain water very quickly, it’s best to avoid this soil. It’s not a good choice for plants that don’t like water.

Silt Soil

This soil is between the two above soils in terms of granular size. It’s determined by the medium size granules. This soil is able to help not only stabilize the plan but also retain a bit of water.

However, this soil is easily compressed. If it’s compressed, you will get drainage problems.

A mixture of all three soils

If you are looking for the best soil for weed, you should consider the mixture of all three types of soil. This mixture is known as loam soil. It’s a combination of high pH and low pH soils. So, it is known for the neutral pH levels.

This mixture has high oxygen levels. This is essential for plants. It can help not only drain water but also retain a bit of it for the root system of your plants. Especially, it’s really easy to work with.

How to Identify Loam Soil

In order to determine whether the soil is loam oil, you need to take it in your hands. Then, make a fist. Once you see the soil can’t stay there, it is loam soil. It’s not difficult to find loam soil from most readymade garden soils out there.

Loam soil offers the freshness as well as richness when you smell it. If you don’t want to buy soil from the market, you can make it yourself at home. Now, we will let you know these two types of first.

The Best Soil for Cannabis from the Store

This option is best for beginners. If you want to make soil yourself at home, you need to have a lot of experiences. Here is the list of the best soil for weed on the market now:

Black Gold Coco Blend Potting Soil

This soil includes coco coir, pumice, peat moss, and worm castings. This is a famous brand when it comes to the marijuana growing community in the world. Because of the peat moss and coco coir found in it. This soil can retain a lot of moisture inside.

This soil contains low nutrient density as well as water retaining qualities when compared to other brands. This is very helpful for cloning as well as seeding procedures.

Roots Organic Potting Soil

This soil is actually very great for marijuana growing. It can be used with a liquid fertilizer. This soil contains many different ingredients, including feather meal, humic acid, greensand, fish bone meal, soybean meal, glacial dusk rock, and much more.

Many people choose this soil because it’s not dense. Also, it features a lush and fluffy feel. With this soil, it’s not essential to have a lot of fertilizer or nutrients. However, this option is not the best one for seedlings and cloning processes.

Fox Farms Happy Frog Potting Soil

This option allows you to use right out of the bag. You can adjust the soil for the perfect pH in order to uptake the maximum amount of nutrients for your marijuana plants.

Also, this one is great for root development because of its beneficial microbes as well as other mycorrhizal fungi.

There are bat guano, worm castings, as well as other nutrients in the soil. Once again, this option is not the best for a seedling. It’s great for bigger plants.

The Best Homemade Soil for Cannabis

When it comes to the best soil for weed, there are a lot of choices in many ways like nutrient makeup, drainage, pH level, texture, and water retention capability. Now, let’s take a look at the following guide on making your own best soil for marijuana.

Making the base soil

First, you have to make a base by combining three different factors, including compost, organic material, and aeration. In fact, different people will use their own ratios. Keep reading this post to learn about a list of great soil ingredients.

Fungal addition

If you want to get great results, it’s best to get a variety of the fungal population in your best soil for growing weed. They play an important role in making them thrive and grow healthy.

Actually, this fungi population will become the best friend of the roots of your plants. It’s essential to provide the fungi with food.

There are some things you can add to the best soil for growing weed such as endomycorrhiza powder or Mycorrhizal inoculant, kelp meal, and humic acid.

Bacteria addition

The bacteria play an important role in breaking down complex sugars as well as other elements. They are actually considered to be an immune system of the plant. They help to prevent disease and pest. Also, they can help in bad environmental circumstances.

Therefore, if they are great for the plants, you can keep them healthy and thriving. In order to make the bacteria population thrive, you can add vermicompost or worm castings, and bat guano to your best soil for growing weed.

Micro and Macro nutrients addition

It’s also essential to add other nutrients into the soil in order to help them break down at a later stage. At the same time, this can help to keep feeding your plants.

There are many things you can use to give your plants nutrients microorganism as well as other amendments such as bone meal, peat moss, glacier rock dust, perlite, crab meal, fish meal, pumice, plant food, leonardite, coco coir, compost, manure, forest humus, bat guano, biochar, greensand, vermiculture, fertiliser, kelp, comfrey, mycorrhizae, dolomite lime, and leaf mold.

Popular Products for Making the Best Soil for Weed at Home

Now, we will give you a long list of amendments to add to your soil if you want to make it better.

Epsom Salt

This is a useful product in term of organic gardening. Magnesium is one of the most essential nutrients for your marijuana plants. You can easily find it from Epsom salts. That’s why you can add Epsom salt to your soil. However, you only can use a little.

Worm Castings

When mentioning to the best things we can add to the soil to make it become the best one for weed, we can’t miss worm casting. You can add it in large quantity.

According to research, the roots of your plants will love worm castings. They can offer your marijuana plants phosphates, potash, and nitrogen. It can provide a natural source of nutrients to your plants. It also offers your plants high levels of essential micro-organisms because of going through a worm’s digestive system.


This is one of the most popular soil amendments. It’s recommended highly for any soil mix. It can provide a natural source of nutrients to your plants. It can not only add oxygen but also increase overall drainage ability.

In order to use a lot of additional nutrients without burning your plants, you can add higher levels of perlite.

Bat Guano

Cannabis plants will prefer Bat guano. This is actually an occurring substance in a balanced organic level of Phosphorous, Nitrogen, and Potassium. Your plants can get nutrients from a wide range of food sources.


If you want to give your plants a mixture of sodium, calcium. Magnesium, chlorine, and potash, you can add azomite to your soul mix. All of them will come together. Then, they can make your plant healthier. Also, they give you flavoured buds.

Humic Acid

In order to get rich looking and nutrient-dense soil, you can add humic acid to your soil. Like being said that, it’s essential to provide food to microbes as well as fungi since they can offer nutrient toy our plants. It plays an important role in holding moisture in the soil.

Dolomite Lime

In order to give your plant higher calcium and magnesium levels, you need to add dolomite lime to your soil. It promises to provide your plants the much-needed nutrients. Also, your plant will absorb the nutrients quickly. Remember to use a pH testing kit in order to follow the pH levels.

Blood Meal

This is a great source of nitrogen you can add to your plants. It’s best to use it in the vegetative stage of cannabis plants to give your plants the essential nutrients. Then, your plants can grow stronger. Also, it can add your plants the extra boost.

Bone Meal

This product is essential for your plants if they need phosphorus. So, it’s a great idea to use it in the flowering growth stage. Then, you can provide your marijuana buds a boost. It helps your plants to get nutrients for a long time while they needn’t use it again.


Now, hope you can answer all your doubts related to the best soil for growing weed. All of the information mentioned in the post are perfect for beginners. But, they are not complete. In fact, there is a lot of ways to prepare the soil to make it better. Last, keep in mind that the soil is alive. Therefore, don’t cook the root zone with high temperatures.

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