5 Different Jobs I’ve Had

For the last year I’ve been fortunate to be able to stay home with Emme. Being a stay-at-home-mom comes with it’s own set of challenges but I’ll save that for another post. In my pre-mom life, I held positions at various companies, some of which were better than others but each brought their own learning experiences and opportunities.

Inspired by Kate, here are the five jobs I’ve had over the years.

Camp Counselor at a Summer Camp

When I was a kid, I went to a daily summer camp right around the corner from my house. When I was 15, I was at that weird age that I was too old for daycare but too young to stay at home all day while my parents were at work. The owner of the camp was a friend of my dad’s and agreed to give me a job. He basically paid me minimum wage to attend camp that summer… and probably really regretted doing my dad that favor because I was clueless when it came to being an employee.

Sales Clerk at Old Navy

I probably shouldn’t count this job because I never made it past the training process. But this was my first high school job. Shortly after starting training I got into some trouble with my parents and they pulled me out of the company. I started working at my family’s outdoors store instead, which really was a much better arrangement for everyone.a

Administrative Assistant at an Electric Company

I had just graduated college and quit working at my family’s outdoors store. I was unemployed for months and living with my dad. When my job search continued to come up empty handed, my dad got me a secretarial job at his friend’s electric company. I answered phones, scheduled appointments, kept track of billing, and various other administrative tasks as well as feeding my boss’s eel every morning. (No, that’s not a euphemism.) This was a really weird and difficult time in my life and this job sort of added to that weirdness. But I did the job well and when I put in my two weeks notice, everyone was sad to see me leave.

Promotions & Web Content Manager at a Radio Station

Yes, that is me with The Band Perry. It was a questionable hair time in my life.

While I was working at the electric company, I got a call from my friend at a local radio station that they were looking for a web content manager. I had previously interned at the radio station in the promotions department where I helped coordinate events. I interviewed for the web content manager position and was hired. At the time the radio station had four different channels, the country music and adult contemporary channels being the biggest of the lot. I managed four different websites and some basic social media. (This was before social media was really considered a business marketing tool.) This job came with a lot of fun perks like meeting musicians and celebrities, attending a lot of concerts and events, and a really fun group of coworkers.

Jill-Of-All-Trades at my Family’s Outdoors Store

I started working at my family’s outdoors store when I was in high school and worked there through college before deciding I wanted to get a “real” job. (I was so naive and had so much to learn.) I worked at the electric company and the radio station before going back to work for my family. And I continued to work there until I had Emme in 2017.

Over the years I had many different roles and responsibilities in the company. I started with basic retail tasks which evolved into more managerial roles, accounting, customer and client relations, website and ecommerce management, administrative duties, and human resources. I literally cannot say enough good things about my time at the store. Working for family came with a lot of perks and over the years, my coworkers became extended family. Retail work is long and tiring but the job was different every day and I learned so much about business. There are definitely days that I miss going to work at the store.

What jobs have you had? Tell me about your most memorable one!

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