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Now Open! The Mini Bar Donuts & Coffee in Jacksonville Beach

In case you missed my ravings on InstagramThe Mini Bar is officially open in Jacksonville Beach! After months of pop ups and shop renovations, The Mini Bar opened their doors to fans from all over the city on Saturday, January 13th. People starting lining up at midnight in hopes of becoming one the five people to receive FREE donuts and coffee for an entire year as well as some really cool swag. Emme and I stopped by the shop on opening day and watched as people waited in line for hours to get their hands on a box of mini donuts. The shop was met with such an overwhelming response, they actually shut down for the day earlier than expected!

I met the owners of The Mini Bar – Brooke and Chase – by happenstance. Desi and I headed down the beach one night to get a taste of these mini donuts we’d heard so much about only to show up literally two minutes too late to the event. They were sold out! Instead, we ended up spending the evening chatting with Brooke and Chase and have since become friends and early patrons of The Mini Bar.

The Mini Bar creates bite-sized cake donuts in an overwhelming variety of flavors like Pop Tart, Maple Bacon, Samoa, and Boston Creme. The donuts are made to order so each box is fresh out of the fryer and topped with accoutrements by hand. Once the restaurant is able to get a nice flow, they’ll be offering customized donuts as well as a gluten free option.

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I’ve been fortunate to try most of The Mini Bar flavors. My favorite is always Lemon Poppy (pictured above), followed closely by Chocolate Peanut Butter and Chocolate Mint. But if we’re being honest, they’re all good! (You can see the full flavor line up here.)

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The Mini Bar has also partnered with local companies for their beverage selections as well as donut toppings. They serve Bold Bean coffee and Watts Juicery juices. They have seven beers on tap from local breweries like Engine 15, Southern Swells (their next door neighbor), Intuition Ale Works, Veteran’s United, Atlantic Beach Brewing Company, Aardwolf Brewing, and Pinglehead Brewing Company. And their Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn donut is topped with caramel popcorn from Sweet Pete’s.

On top of all of that, they’re also really passionate about giving back to the community. The Mini Bar partners with local non profit companies through their Love Others campaign to donate their time, money, and resources. Their first partnership is with Nemours Childrens Hospital. Not only has The Mini Bar provided countless donuts to the patients and staff at Nemours, they also give 100% of the sales from their Love Others shirt to the organization.

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A business that makes a delicious product, promotes other Jacksonville based brands, AND makes philanthropy work a priority? You can bet I’ll be a regular.

Head over the ditch and visit The Mini Bar at 1300 Beach Blvd, wedged between Southern Swells Brewing Company and Gusto. Just look for the donuts in the courtyard! And be sure to tell them Erin Wiggle sent you in.

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  1. Wow, this donut shop sounds great! I have not explored the beach side of Jacksonville too much, but as a fan of coffee and donuts, I will definitely have to check this place out.

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