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Super Easy Fall DIY – Stumpkins!

It’s been a long time since I did a DIY project. Pretty sure the last one I even shared here was years ago. But I’m back with a super easy Fall DIY project that I completed in just a few hours in my driveway using mostly items I had laying around my yard thanks to Hurricane Irma. I was inspired for this project by a post I saw on Facebook so I won’t take all the credit, though mine turned out completely different than the inspiration post.

I love having pumpkins on my porch during Fall but after a week or two they start rotting thanks to the Florida heat and sun that hits my front porch the majority of the day. Rotting produce is not a fun thing to deal with so I was trying to come up with a festive option that would last through the season. We lost a couple of small trees in our backyard during Hurricane Irma and Adam had recently cut them down into manageable sections. I grabbed a few pieces out of the wood pile and some orange spray paint from Home Depot and set to work creating my Fall masterpiece.

You can use whatever size or shape wood you have on hand. I grabbed three different sized pieces to see which I liked best. I thought the slanted piece would add interest to the otherwise normal shaped wood.

I went over each piece of wood with a wire brush just to remove dirt and debris. I was actually able to scrape most of the bark off the smallest of the three pieces. The inspiration post used smooth pieces of wood so I wanted to see how that would look compared to the two pieces with bark.

I picked up some spray paint at Home Depot. You could use whatever color orange you like or have on hand. I went with a satin finish so it would look more “natural.” I also grabbed a can of green thinking I would want to add details but I didn’t end up using the green at all. (You’ll see why below.)

I sprayed each of the three pieces with two coats of orange paint and let them dry. If you want your pieces completely orange with no bark showing, add more layers of paint. I liked the way the texture of the bark came through so I stopped at two layers.

Here are my finished and dry pieces of wood. You can see how the bark came through and gave my stumpkins a rustic texture.

I had Adam cut me a few “stems” from some smaller branches. I thought about painting them green but after looking at some real pumpkin images, I thought leaving them unfinished would make the stumpkins look more natural. I lightly sprayed them with a clear finish just to keep the wood from rotting or turning. (I learned this the hard way on another project.)

Once the stems and stumpkins were dry, I used some E-6000 glue to adhere the stems. Of the three, the slanted stumpkin is my favorite. I don’t really like the way the skinniest of the three came out but I just went with it. Now, you could leave the pumpkins just like this or you could go one step further and turn them into Jack O’ Lanterns with some black or glow-in-the-dark paint.

I dug all my seasonal decor out of the attic and put together a little holiday vignette on our porch incorporating my stumpkins. I’ve collected all of these items over the years (you might recognize a lot of them from my Halloween tablescape) mostly from dollar stores. Please ignore my already dying mum.

Shoutout to my friend Hayley who made this wreath for me YEARS ago. I added the bow and the plaque, which I picked up from the Dollar Spot at Target. I thought it was pretty fitting, ha!

Maybe our next house will have a porch with enough room for bigger holiday vignettes. (Bonus points if there’s also room for a couple of chairs so Adam and I can watch the front yard like a bunch of old geezers.) But for now I think I did a pretty good job making our house look a little bit festive.

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