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Home Is Where The Navy Sends Us

Well, I’ve got some big news to share today, news that we’ve been holding onto for a while until we were sure it was officially official. (And now it’s on Facebook so it’s officially officially official.) We are scheduled to move to Pensacola, Florida in March 2018. While we’re excited for the new adventure, we know we’re going to miss our family, friends, and home here in Jacksonville.

This is the first time we’ve selected orders as a married couple. When Adam chose orders to Jacksonville from his previous duty station at Kings Bay, Georgia back in 2013, we were not married and I told him I was not moving until he put a ring on my finger. So, he was smart and rallied for orders to Jacksonville so we could be together. (Cue the awwwww!) And then of course he moved in with me, we got engaged and married, and recently had an Emme. A lot has changed in four years!

Adam began looking for orders a few months ago. We put in for five sets – one to Belgium and four to Pensacola. We were really crossing our fingers for Belgium because we knew it would be the opportunity of a lifetime to travel Europe and countries we may not otherwise get to visit. Unfortunately we were not picked for Belgium (a bit of a bummer!) and were given orders to Pensacola instead.

We have friends and family in Pensacola and are fairly familiar with the area since we visit at least once a year. Adam also previously spent time in Pensacola early in his Naval career for training. So, all in all we’re pretty excited about our next duty station. I have lived in Jacksonville all of my 31 years of existence so my family and friends are especially sad to see me move. But Pensacola is only about six hours driving from both Jacksonville and Atlanta where Adam’s family lives so I’m sure (I hope!) we’ll be hosting a lot of visitors.

(A poorly lit photo of Shepherd’s Pie from McGuires Irish Pub in downtown Pensacola.)

A little bit about our new home. Pensacola is located in the Panhandle of Florida on the Florida/Alabama border (lovingly nicknamed Florabama) and has some of the state’s most beautiful beaches. We rarely visit the beach here in Jacksonville because once you’ve been to the beaches on the Gulf Coast, you’ll never look at Northeast Florida’s beaches the same way again. Pensacola is home to the Blue Angels flight team and the National Aviation Museum, which houses hundreds of vintage Naval Aviation aircrafts. I am looking forward to learning the history of Pensacola, adventuring through parks, spending weekends at the beach, finding the best places to go shopping, and of course discovering new places to eat and drink. (And I hope this blog evolves into guide to our new city. So, if anyone working PR in Pensacola is reading this, email me.) We will also be able to explore Alabama and hopefully make a few trips to Louisiana (can’t wait to visit New Orleans!) during our time in Pensacola.

Over the next five months we have to find a new place to live, prepare our house in Jacksonville for renting and find tenants, pack up and move all of our belongings as well as multiple vehicles, job hunt for me, find a daycare for Emme, and a million other tasks that will stress us out but be worth it once we’re finally settled.

If you have any tips for living in Pensacola or places we need to check out, let me know. I am looking forward to the new adventures and fun memories we’ll make in our new home!

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