Let’s Taco ‘Bout Halloween

What happens when Halloween falls on Tuesday and your mom is obsessed with tacos? She dresses you up like a taco of course! 🌮 We didn’t actually do anything for Halloween this year but I still had fun making a costume for Emme and taking her around “trick-or-treating” to our family and friends.

This costume was super cheap and easy to make. I just took a brown onesie and hot glued felt toppings to it. I wanted the costume to have texture so I just used enough glue to hold the pieces still, I didn’t want them completely flat. I even pinched the lettuce pieces to add dimension. I cut the tortilla shawl out of a large piece of felt. And the headband is just a piece of nylon knee highs and some leftover felt. I literally put this whole thing together in about 45 minutes on Halloween morning. (Nothing like waiting until the last minute!)

Emme was such a good sport about letting me dress her up. And of course everyone got a kick about seeing the tiniest cutest taco ever. We ordered tacos for dinner and I took her with me to pick it up. Her cute costume even scored us some free salsa. (Thanks Tijuana Flats!)

I hope this is the first of many DIY Halloween costumes. Did you or your kids dress up for Halloween? Tell me about your costumes!

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