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Squiggle’s Rustic Nursery Tour

You guys! The nursery is finally “finished” and I am so excited to share the full tour. We wanted to create a space that showed our love for the outdoors in a feminine but not too “baby” way. As I collected items for the room, it sort of evolved into this cozy and inviting space for our little babe. (I want to spend all my time in there now!)

I’ll include links where I can in case anyone is curious where I picked up specific items. I loved that we were able to incorporate heirloom items with new purchases. It makes the room feel cohesive without being too matchy-matchy. Also, I do not consider interior design one of my strong suites so I’m pretty impressed with how well this room came together. (It’s pretty much the only put together room in the house, ha!) So, without further ado, here’s Squiggle’s rustic nursery.

The nursery leads off our living room. At first we were worried about noise but our house is not very big so none of the three bedrooms are really any quieter than the others. Plus we figured being off the main living space would be more convenient and the closet in this room is best suited for a child.

Having a bookshelf was really important to me not only for storage but for books. I love to read and I hope she develops the same love for getting lost in a good book. I picked this one up at Target. I loved the asymmetrical shape. The mint bins came from Target as well. The bookshelf hanging on the wall is actually a spice rack from IKEA. The lamp is from At Home, the toy basket was a Ross find, and the gold mirror was thrifted.

As we’ve been getting our house ready for the baby, my dad decided to do some cleaning at his house as well and sent over a bunch of things from my childhood. At first I was slightly annoyed (we’re trying to purge the house not collect more things!) but in going through the boxes, I found some items that I actually included in this room. The ballerina elephant and rabbit were baby gifts but the little tiny mouse was from a bouquet I got at one of my childhood ballet recitals. The snowglobe is also from my childhood and the ballet slipper shadowbox hanging on the wall is one of my first set of slippers. I didn’t make it very far in the ballet world but maybe our little girl will take an interest.

As you can see, the closet is stuffed with clothing, baby gear, and diapers. Having the built in shelves was so convenient for storage. And I don’t have the heart to take apart the two diaper cakes from our showers so they’re on display on the top shelf.

Adam didn’t have much say (nor care to) in the purchase of baby things but he did request his own diaper bag so he was really excited when we received the Tactical Baby Gear diaper bag and changing mat. I still haven’t picked out a diaper bag though I’m leaning towards just finding a big tote to carry everything. (Who knew diaper bags were so expensive?!) The crib, sheet, and crib skirt are all from Babies R Us. My aunt and uncle gifted us the crib as well as the conversion kits so this kid has a bed until she goes off to college.

I found the wooden whitewash E as a stroke of luck at Joann’s one day on clearance for $6. I arranged and hot glued some silk flowers onto it to make it more feminine and voila! I had the perfect piece to hang above the crib.

The DockATot was a gift from Adam’s aunt and uncle and I’m really hoping it lives up to the hype. (Especially because of the price tag. Yikes!) Between the fancy-pants mattress we purchased and the DockATot, this kid better sleep like an angel. The hooray and bear throw pillows came from Target and the white pillow is one I had hanging around the house. (The bear pillow actually served as the muse and basic color palette for the entire bedroom.)

The back left corner is just storage right now. You can see the IKEA cart a couple photos up that I’m going to use as a traveling diaper changing and breastfeeding station. I got the idea after seeing Diana’s nursing station. Right now I only have some changing supplies loaded but I’m sure it will come in handy for all kids of things once baby is here. (Other links: Bouncer and Rock n’ Play.)

The glider and ottoman set, Boppy and cover, fox blanket, and fox throw are all from Babies R Us. The rug is from At Home.

This little sidetable was a thrift store find from years ago that’s been in many different rooms in my house. I had my friend Jen repaint the table for the nursery. The lamp is from At Home (the website says “blue” but it’s definitely more of a mint green) and the basket was another Ross find. The flowers in the jar are leftover from the E wallhanging project. The “It’s A Girl” balloon was from our gender reveal photos. And the little pumpkin carriage box holds Cinderella’s glass slipper, a cute little trinket I got from Nana years ago.

Let’s talk about that wall hanging for a second. I repurposed one of my great grandmother Mimi’s crocheted doilies into this dreamcatcher like wall hanging by framing it in an embroidery hoop and tying bits of fabric, lace, ribbon, and pearl strands onto the bottom. I really like the way it turned out and I think she’s probably delighted in heaven to be part of her great great granddaughter’s room.

The frame is made of repurposed wood and was created by friend Emily over at merrypad.com. She sent it to me years ago and I was so excited to include it in the nursery.

The dresser is an heirloom piece that once belonged to Adam’s mom then his aunt and then it was passed down to him. The dresser was white but in desperate need of a new paint job so I sent it with Jen and she painted it to match the side table. (And it’s a good thing we got it refinished because the original paint was made with lead. Yikes!) I picked up the pink knobs at Hobby Lobby. The basket to the left of the dresser was from a shower gift and is filled with baby blankets. The diaper pail, changing pad, and cover are from Babies R Us.

I had fun collecting pieces for this gallery wall. The metal fox, feather print, and arrow were all purchased at Hobby Lobby. The fox and adventure prints were purchased on Etsy from Moss + Twig Prints and put into frames from Joann’s. The Harry Potter print was purchased a while ago from Goose and Gemma. The mint feather is from Joann’s, the mirror was a thrift store find, and the Lord’s Prayer plaque and cross stitched piggy bank are from my childhood bedroom. (The cross stitch was done by my Aunt Karen.)

And that’s it folks! I hope that Squiggle spends a lot of time growing, playing, and learning in this room. I just love the way it turned out. She’ll be here in just a few short weeks and we are ready!

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  1. Erin, the nursery is so adorable! I know you had such fun creating this comfy space for your little Angel. How sweet and thoughtful of you to create it with so many special pieces from your childhood and elsewhere. No doubt she will find love and comfort in her “Special Space”! Looking forward to her “Debut”!

  2. Erin & Adam. I just enjoyed the tour of the nursery so much. This was a very unique idea to share with all your family & friends. It really shows just how much fun the two of you had putting it all together and I’m sure little Squiggle “E” will really enjoy all the treasures she will find there. Great-Grandmother Marilyn and “Great-Aunt Dee” are having fun trying to guess what the “E” stands for. Ya’ll are such a tease to keep us guessing!

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