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I Survived the Second Trimester

I am officially into the third trimester and excited (and nervous!) about the birth of our daughter in just a few weeks. We are making slow progress on the nursery which has included rearranging every room in the house, bringing stressful but refreshing changes to our home. I have two baby showers scheduled for February – a couple’s shower in Georgia with Adam’s family and friends and a fiesta themed shower here in Jacksonville with my favorite gals.

During my 18th week we took a maternity suite tour at the hospital where I’ll be giving birth. I have nothing but good things to say about the staff we interacted with that night and the amenities offered to patients and their families. Each room is large and includes a full bathroom with walk-in shower, a futon style sofa for visitors, a small refrigerator for drinks and snacks, television and DVD player, and wifi. One of the best features is that babies room-in with their family, though nurses will take the baby at your request. I just feel like we’ll have a really great birth experience. (Stay tuned!)

The first trimester was tough but the beginning of the second trimester brought it’s own set of problems. While I physically felt better, I struggled mentally. My mind and hormones played tricks on me. I obviously knew I was pregnant but because I didn’t have any symptoms or a bump to show, I didn’t feel pregnant. I had multiple breakdowns, sometimes inexplainable. My poor husband dealt with my mood swings the best he could, though I could tell at times he was more than frustrated with me. At one point I suggested that I seek a referral for a therapist because surely my feelings were abnormal (they weren’t) and I needed professional help (I didn’t). After a long chat with Adam, I realized I’d alienated myself from my friends and the things I enjoyed doing. I completely introverted and it was taking a toll on my spirit. With his encouragement, I started getting out more and doing the things I enjoy.

Every night as I changed into my pajamas I yelled, BUMP WATCH! and showed Adam my stomach. Finally during my 18th week he said, there’s definitely something there. By week 20, I was obviously pregnant. And my stomach began growing daily from there, or so it felt. At 30 weeks, my belly is now very round and pronounced. There’s no longer a question of maybe she’s pregnant buuuut maybe she’s just had too much pizza. My belly button is almost inverted and resembles a third nipple more than a belly button. I half-joke about putting a pastie over it. I regularly feel baby girl move around in my stomach, which contrary to my thoughts pre-pregnancy isn’t nearly as alien as I thought it would be. I have difficulty tying my shoes in the morning, I can’t see below my stomach (might be time to schedule that bikini wax), and squatting or bending over to pick things up is a struggle. But so far I’ve gained minimal weight and baby girl is measuring a little bit small but healthy.

Sleeping became an issue during the second trimester. My growing belly meant that my usual sleeping position on my stomach was no longer an option. I bought a $10 body pillow from Target which helped some in the beginning but I ultimately found it to be obtrusive and it made me hot at night. Instead I’ve resorted to sleeping with three pillows which is a bit of a struggle to coordinate but seems to be doing the trick.  I still struggle to sleep on my side because my dang shoulders and arms go numb. I often find myself on my back which my doctor has assured me isn’t an issue. And on top of having vivid dreams, I now wake up most nights with horrible indigestion which leaves me coughing up bile and feeling terrible. I’m almost a pro at sleep straight up these days.

I haven’t necessarily had any weird food cravings, though I was on a cheeseburger kick for a little while which is a bit abnormal for me. I’m eating tacos like they’re going out of style but that’s nothing new. Tacos are life. I wake up hungry most mornings so I’ve been trying to be better about eating breakfast, usually just something small like a little bit of cereal, a piece of peanut butter toast, and some fruit. Apple juice is my go-to morning beverage. I’ve drank so much of it lately that I actually have a brand preference. (Uncle Matt’s or Simply Apple, in case you are wondering.)

I will say that while I feel especially blessed to be pregnant, I haven’t enjoyed being pregnant. I’m ready to have my body back to normal. I’ve over people making comments about my body, an issue I’ve never really experienced before. Comments have been positive and negative, ranging from you look great to you look like you’re due any time now and frankly, I’m just tired of hearing all of them. Let’s move on to cooing over the baby, shall we?

But in the grand scheme of things, I really don’t have much to complain about. Other than some normal growing pains and woes, this pregnancy has been very easy and I’m looking forward to the arrival of little miss Squiggle. Let’s just hope my husband and I can agree on a name by the time she arrives, a battle we’re still waging.

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  1. I was wondering how you’ve been doing, since we hadn’t heard an update lately. Glad to hear you’re doing well & especially that some of the initial hormonal craze has passed. Sending you love & good vibes for a positive birth experience, an easy arrival, & a healthy baby girl!

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