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Putting Together Our Baby Registry

Last Sunday I convinced Adam to help me finish our baby registry at Babies R Us with the promise that I would feed him breakfast first. I started the registry online but wanted his input on some of the items I selected and to give him the chance to add any items that he wanted. We used the store’s checklist as a guide as well as advice from family and friends and I think we ended up with pretty solid registry.

Babies don’t really require a lot but there are all kinds of gadgets and gizmos out there to make the parenting process a little easier. With all of these things, I think it’s easy for parents to feel overwhelmed, especially first time parents. We don’t have a ton of space in our house to devote to baby gear and the thought of having so much extra stuff to keep track of really stresses me out. Therefore I was pretty selective on what made the baby registry cut, especially large items, and hope that we’ll get a lot of use out of most of the items we receive.

I wanted to share some of the items that made the cut and why we picked what we did. Obviously I haven’t used any of these products yet and my opinions on them are liable to change as I use them myself but these are some of the items from the Baby Squiggle Starter Kit.


Oxford Baby Piermont 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

The crib is by far the most expensive item on our registry. I know some mothers suggested we wait to buy a crib because chances are baby won’t sleep in there right away but since I’m hoping to make sleep training a priority, I want baby to adjust to sleeping on her own as soon as possible. (Stay tuned to see how this theory pans out.) We decided to go with a more expensive convertible crib in the hopes that baby girl will use this same bed for years to come. The rustic finish goes with our nursery theme but is also neutral enough to adapt to her growing personality.


Dr. Brown’s Options Bottles

I did quite a bit of research on bottles and one brand that seemed to be a crowd favorite was the Dr. Brown’s bottles. I decided to go with the new Options line which has a redesigned vent system that can be removed as baby’s feeding becomes more developed. I also opted for a combination of both glass and plastic bottles. The hippie side of me appreciates the cleanliness of glass but the practical side knows plastic is a lot lighter to transport.


Aden + Anais SwaddlePlus Blankets

Another highly suggested item. So many moms have recommended this particular brand of swaddle blankets. Since I don’t really know the different between them all, I figured mother knows best and added them to our registry.


Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair

Going back to my statement about not having a ton of extra space in our home, I knew I didn’t want a full sized high chair. We have a pretty large dining table with extra seating so I decided to go with the Space Saver High Chair which attaches to a regular chair. This high chair also converts to a booster seat when baby gets older.


Wipes Warmer

There were mixed reviews from my mama friends on getting a wipes warmer. Some love them, others say they’re a waste. But if I was a baby all snuggled up and warm and someone abruptly stripped me down and wiped my private parts with a cold wet wipe, I’d be pretty annoyed too. I mean, this thing might find it’s way into my bathroom because who doesn’t want to refresh themselves with a warm wipe?


Bath Sponge Cushion

I have no idea where we would store a baby bath tub when it wasn’t being used. For this reason, I’m opting to use a bath sponge cushion in our tub to help bathe baby when sink baths won’t cut it anymore. The sponge is lightweight, easy to store, and inexpensive. Seems like the best option for our household.


Fisher-Price Rock n’ Play

Of all the advice I received on baby gear, the Rock n’ Play was by far the most suggested. Moms raved over what a lifesaver the Rock n’ Play was for their baby’s infancy. Everything from preventing reflux to serving as a bassinet during the first few weeks to a place for baby to play while mom takes a shower. I’m expecting the Rock n’ Play to be the holy grail of baby gear. I guess we’ll see. I just can’t decide if I want this cheaper manual option or if I want to splurge on the automatic rocker.


Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive Disposable Diapers and BumGenius Freetime Cloth Diapers

We are hoping to transition into cloth diapers as soon as baby is big enough but we know we’ll also go through quite a few disposable diapers. The Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive diapers were the most suggested disposable brand while the BumGenius Freetime cloth diapers seem like a favorite among cloth diaper users.


Full Collection of Disney Movies

Adam might kick himself for suggesting we also make an Amazon registry for some items not available at Babies R Us because I made sure to add a ton of Disney movies to the list. If I’m going to get stuck watching the same movie on repeat, it’s going to at least be a Disney movie. For the record, the movies that I added are just suggestions. Any animated Disney movie will do.

As you can probably see, we’ve picked a lot of neutral colors for both the sake of being able to use them with a future baby and because it goes with our decor better. I mean, baby doesn’t care what color the high chair is, we’re the ones who have to look at it.

If you have any experience with any of these products, I would love to know what you think. Or let me know if there are some products that you love and think we should look into. This baby thing is getting exciting and very, very real!

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