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We’re having a…

We went to the mountains on vacation with a secret. We had hoped to find out the gender of the baby before our trip to Georgia but the timing for the anatomy scan did not align with our vacation schedule. (Our appointment was actually scheduled for today, the day after we got back from the mountains, ugh!)

So, in a last minute decision, we decided to make an appointment at A Stork’s View and pay for an extra ultrasound to find out Squiggle’s gender so we would have the opportunity to tell our family in Georgia the result in person. (We had a great experience at A Stork’s View and highly recommend them if you want to find out the gender or see a 3D/4D ultrasound of your baby.) We also wanted to take some fun reveal photos in the mountains so getting to find out a little bit early was totally worth the money.

Ok, enough suspense. Drumroll please! And we’re excited to announce that Squiggle is a…

genderreveal-02 genderreveal-04 genderreveal-03


While Adam and I both secretly hoped for a boy, our instincts told us baby would be a girl. We laughed when the ultrasound tech told us baby is a girl. And suddenly everything is she this and our daughter that. We’re having a daughter?! How fun!


This is the only time we’ll share a photo of our baby girl’s bits. But I’ll let you use your imagination as to what that hand is supposedly pointing to.

genderreveal-06 genderreveal-05 genderreveal-07

I have my official anatomy scan next week so we’ll be doubly sure Squiggle is a she. And now we have to decide on a name (the hardest decision ever), create a baby registry (any suggestions?), and clean out the guest room so we can start the nursery. This parenting thing is getting real, folks!

Pssst… in case you missed our super cute baby announcement (that my husband orchestrated, might I add), you might want to check that out. I also recapped my first trimester.

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