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I Survived the First Trimester

Well, I’m officially 15 weeks and into the second trimester of this pregnancy thing. I’ve managed to make it this far without any morning sickness but what I’ve lacked in barfing I’ve made up in other ailments. I quickly learned to quit relying on Dr. Google for answers because because he’s always giving me a terrible prognosis. It’s easy to turn into a neurotic shut in worrying about all the things you can’t do/eat/experience while pregnant. I’m a pregnant woman, not an invalid.

I’m thankful to finally feel more like myself again and taking advantage off the newfound energy and appetite. The first trimester is tough, guys!

The first trimester brought along terrible exhaustion. I seriously struggled to keep my eyes open at all hours of the day and especially in the late afternoon/evening. My productivity level was super low and I felt like I was letting down my husband because I slipped in doing chores around the house. I also quit doing anything that required physical movement or brain power. My “free” time consisted of napping, reading, and mindlessly scrolling social media.

While I never got sick (praise be to Jesus!), my appetite disappeared and about the only thing that sounded good to eat during those weeks was cheddar cheese and Triscuits. I seriously lived on a cheese diet. My mom (who is a registered nurse) told me to enjoy all the extra calcium as long as I was still… you know, pooping. (Thanks, Mom!) Even some of my favorite foods like tacos and pizza were unappetizing. BLASPHEMY! I quit buying groceries (except cheese and crackers) because food was going to waste since nothing was pleasing to my palette. And my poor husband lived off Chick Fil A and Panda Express during those weeks. (Not that he’s really complaining.)

And speaking of appetite, I have a confession to make. One of the foods you’re supposed to steer clear of during pregnancy is deli meats. Something about increased risk for the bacteria listeria. I looked into this pregnancy rule and realized the chances of coming into contact with this bacteria is pretty low. I’m taking my chances because this girl loves a good sub. And the way I look at it, as long as you eat deli meat in moderation, you should be okay. (Remind me of this if my kid comes popping out with a third eye.) Other than that, I’ve done good staying away from foods I’m supposed to avoid (but love) like sushi, unpasteurized cheeses, and raw cookie dough.

Can we talk about boob pain? I lived in a constant state of throbbing breasts during the first trimester. (TMI? Sorry.) These puppies better be gearing up for some serious milk production because I can’t imagine I went through all that pain in vain. I still struggle with occasional pain but nothing like those first few weeks. And they are definitely large and in charge at this point! Okay, enough about my boobs.

It wasn’t until recently that I realized I was suffering from another ailment – pregnancy depression. Due to the exhaustion and lack of appetite, I became pretty stagnant and quit doing the things I enjoy. This lead to feeling alone, left out, and downright sad at times. I also inadvertently pushed my husband away. I’m working to remedy this by getting out more and trying out new recipes in the kitchen. Adam and I are making it a point to spend quality time with one another. I’m also trying to work writing and creativity back into my routine. Adam says I also need to exercise. I’m working on that one. Slowly.

And speaking of health and weight… I’ve gained three pounds so far despite my first trimester food aversion. My doctor is pleased with my weight gain and estimates I’ll gain another three to four pounds per month for the remainder of my pregnancy. I’ve not quite grown out of my normal clothes yet but I’m definitely opting for stretchy and loose fitting options. (I look like I’ve eaten too many cheeseburgers. I can’t wait for this belly to pop!) Baby is measuring right on target, heart rate has been adequate, and all tests have come back normal/negative. Over all I’ve been very hashtag blessed so far.

We will find out the gender of the baby mid-November. We opted out of early scans and decided to wait until the anatomy scan at 20-22 weeks. I’m anxious to find out so we can really start planning things but I know the wait will be worth it. We have already come up with a nursery “theme” and tossed around names, though nothing is really sticking until we find out the gender.

I’m just chugging right along growing this baby. So far the pregnancy has been pretty boring (not that I’m complaining) and I’m looking forward to finally having a bump and a name for this parasite bundle of joy.

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