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I don’t consider myself an overly nosey or curious person but there’s just something about “Day in the Life” posts that I just really love. I always find it interesting to see what people do on a normal day. I’ve done a post like this before but it was for a work day. My usual day is pretty uneventful so I decided to track a Monday, which is actually my “Sunday”.

6:45am // Adam kisses me goodbye as he leaves for work. Most mornings, I ask him what time it is and give him a quick hug before dozing back to sleep. This morning I barely even acknowledge him. I’m extra sleepy because I’ve been having vivid dreams lately which are impacting my sleep. (I slept until 10am on Sunday!) Plus, apparently growing a human is tiring. Since Adam is gone, I sprawl out and take up most of the bed, though I’m convinced my little five-pound Bean still takes up more room than me.

8:00am // My alarm goes off. I hit snooze once, unintentionally really, but actually wake up around 8:15. I lay in the bed with the dogs and Luna checking social media (bad, I know!) until just before 9:00 when I finally roll myself out of bed.

9:00am // I start some laundry (and finish Adam’s). Every Monday I change the sheets on the bed. I try to make it a habit of making the bed every day because it’s a small thing that Adam really enjoys. There’s something refreshing about getting into a made bed at the end of the day, you know?

This morning’s soundtrack is the Disney Hits playlist on Spotify. I may not know any current songs on the radio but I know almost all of the words to “Mother Knows Best,” my new favorite Disney tune. Do you have a favorite Disney movie? Mulan ranks at the top (maybe that surprises you) but I think Monsters Inc. might take the lead. I’m often known to impersonate Roz. “I’m watching you, Wazowski!”

10:15am // I take a break from chores to check on my scheduled blog post for the day… and I’m glad I did because it missed schedule. (Why does it do that?!) I also share the link on my Facebook Page and pin a couple of images onto my Pinterest boards. (I still don’t know the “right” times to post on social media so sometimes I just do it when I’m thinking about it.)


12:15pm // I’ve sorted, washed, swapped, folded and put away laundry; put away and washed dishes; tidied up the house; showered, curled my hair, and applied makeup. I get dressed and realize I’m a pair of green leggings away from having a really great Ariel Disneybound. (Noted for our trip in December.) The weather is “cool” here today but how do you get dressed when the low is 54° and the high is 81°?

Adam scheduled a 1:00 appointment at Nissan to get my car serviced and I’m not excited about adulting but at least they have a nice waiting room and wifi. Shortly after leaving my house I realize I’ve forgotten my wedding rings which I hate normally but extra hate today in case I have to pull the “husband” card at the dealership. But I don’t have time to turn around.

12:30pm // I swing through Chick-Fil-A on the way to pick up some lunch. The lines are super long so I do what any smart person does and order from the Chick-Fil-A One App which puts me at the front of the line. (Don’t tell me you’ve never done that at Starbucks before!) There’s a girl in Chick-Fil-A wearing the same Slytherin sweater as I have and I want to compliment her but she’s out the door before I have a chance. #slytherinsunite


12:45pm // I make myself comfy in the Nissan waiting room and plan to spend the next 2-ish hours people watching and attempting to work on my blog. I’ve brought along a new issue of Food Network magazine to read just in case. (Side note: does anyone else ever receive random magazine subscriptions? I did not sign up for a Food Network magazine subscription but one arrived in my mailbox the other day addressed to me. I started receiving Glamour once so I called to check and they said a publishing company just thought I might enjoy the magazine. Maybe this is the same thing? Not that I’m complaining because I made a mental note the other day about signing up for a subscription. Maybe my brain is tapped.)


1:35pm // They have my Xterra jacked up to the ceiling. I’ve eaten lunch, contemplated indulging in some of the freshly popped popcorn, texted a few of my friends, talked myself out of buying anything from the Kate Spade Surprise Sale, and Googled “Ariel Apple watch” hoping to find new bands for my watch. (No luck.)

1:55pm // All done! That was faster service than I thought. Last time I was there for hours. Since I got done earlier than I thought, I don’t really know what to do with myself. I decided to stop at a thrift store on my way home to see if they have anything worth buying. I walked out empty handed.

2:30pm // I went by the house to let the dogs out, switch the final loads of laundry, and load up my car with all the items I’ve been meaning to donate. On my way to another thrift store to drop off the donations, I see that my dad is at his office so I stop to chit-chat for a few minutes.

day-in-the-life-06 day-in-the-life-07

Once my car was unloaded, I decided to take a gander through the store to see if there was anything good. If you’re looking for a great organized selection of clothing, The Thrift Shop on Emerson Street is one of the best in town. (I’ve talked about this place before.) I found a pair of genuine leather hardly worn Harley-Davidson boots for $19.95 that were a size too small for me. I literally broke a sweat trying to squeeze my (sockless) feet into them because, hello! Those boots were probably close to $200 retail and I’ve been lusting after a pair for years. I don’t normally buy second hand shoes but I would have made an exception. I walked out with two purple cardigans and a tiny anchor onesie for $16. Not bad!

4:15pm // I made it back home. The last bit of laundry needs to be folded and sheets need to be put on the bed but I get sucked into Instagram for 30 minutes before I realize what happened. I break the spell and try to figure out what to make for dinner. I’ve been on a one-pot meal kick mostly because our dishwasher is currently out of service and I hate washing dishes. Tonight I decided on One Pan Tuscan Garlic Chicken Torellini.

5:30pm // Adam makes it home from work and he’s a bit on edge. He vetoes my dinner plans in favor of a frozen pizza (barf!) so I’m left to figure out what I want for dinner. The sky is the limit! The sheets are all finally finished drying so I make the bed and fold the other two sets.

6:30pm // Mom stops by and brings me a pumpkin mum. Now my front porch looks a little bit festive. I also decided on dinner so I ran to the grocery story to pick up some last minute ingredients.

9:00pm // I’ve cooked and eaten dinner (it was just okay), cleaned the kitchen, baked a batch of cookies (yum!), finished up the laundry (it’s never ending you guys!), washed my face and gotten int my pajamas. Stick a fork in me, I’m done for the day! I’m going to curl up in bed with my iPad and Netflix until I fall asleep. (I should read a book but I just want to veg tonight.) Tomorrow it’s back to work.

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