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Jacksonville is gaining a new resident!

Spoiler alert! In case you missed the news, we’re having a baby! Jacksonville is gaining a new resident come March 2017 and I’m so excited to share our story so far.

July 25, 2016 – I’m a few days late but hesitant to take a test. I’d been late for the past few months and well… no baby. The first month we’d started trying I just knew I was pregnant. I mean, why shouldn’t I be? I found out really quickly that life doesn’t work out quite like high school health class and that this whole “conceiving” thing was going to be a little more difficult than I anticipated. But by the grace of God, it only took us a few months to conceive and before I knew it, I was looking at two pink lines.

The rest of the story is pretty anticlimactic so far. (Which isn’t a bad thing by any means!) I didn’t have a cute gift prepared or a catchy way to spring the news on Adam so I just called him at work as soon as I’d finished in the bathroom. “Hey! Are you busy? Guess what… you’re going to be a daddy!” There was a brief pause on the other end as he digested the information. This is really happening. And we are both so excited.


That night I cooked Chicken Parmesan for dinner (a meal Adam and I have always associated with special events) and popped a bottle of non-alcoholic bubbly.

I called my doctor and scheduled my first appointment. They couldn’t get me in for another three weeks. We agreed to (mostly) keep the news a secret until we were assured everything was okay. That was the most grueling three weeks ever as I kept one of the biggest secrets of my life.

Adam and I speculated that we were having twins. I was convinced because all my life I’d prayed for twins and the twin gene runs in Adam’s family. We tossed around names, though we already knew there were a couple we agreed on. I bought a copy of What To Expect When You’re Expecting and downloaded a few apps on my phone. I was so thankful that aside from some minor growing pains and exhaustion, I felt pretty good.

August 15, 2016 – The anticipation for that first doctor’s visit was pretty brutal. We got up that Monday morning and headed to the hospital. I warned Adam how the appointment would go, though he was still taken aback when he realized exactly how the doctor was going to perform our first ultrasound. (She’s sticking that thing where…?!) We heard the heartbeat right away and the doctor pointed out exactly which blob on the screen was the baby. She noted that there was only one occupant of my uterus and laughed when we told her our twin theory. With the pregnancy confirmed, she sent us on our way with a few copies of the ultrasound and a reminder card for our next appointment.


The timing of our first appointment worked out well. My mom’s 50th birthday was the following Wednesday so we shared our news with a cute grandma birthday card at her surprise birthday dinner. Thursday was Nana’s birthday and Saturday was Poppie’s birthday so at their first celebration with my family on Thursday night, we presented them with a card announcing they would soon be great grandparents.

Our plans to visit Georgia to tell Adam’s family the following weekend fell through when we both realized we would be working. So we did the next best thing and FaceTimed his parents and grandmother to share the news.

We made phone calls and sent texts to the rest of our family members. And we planned out how we would make the big announcement online. (See the first photo in this post. Adam put together the whole thing and it turned out perfect!)


Now – Overall our families and friends are very excited for us and this new chapter in our lives. Adam’s mom has expressed her desire to have a curly haired ginger grandchild and we’re going to do our best to make that happen. My family is hoping for a boy, though we’ll all be more than grateful for a healthy baby of any gender. (But if we’re being honest, Adam and I are on Team Blue as well.)

So far the whole experience seems a little surreal but I know once my belly starts to round and the image on the ultrasound screen looks more like a baby and less like a blob, everything will sink in.

For now I’m just eating as much cheese as possible (I think I’m actually giving birth to a mouse) and trying to remember to take my prenatal vitamins (thank goodness for gummies). I miss the occasional adult beverage (that beer in the fridge is going to go bad by March) and not having to really think about what I’m eating (I didn’t know I was such a fan of deli meat). I take naps when I can (sometimes unintentionally) and go to bed early. I’ve already started building a registry (SO. MUCH. STUFF.) and we’re leaning towards cloth diapering. We’re purging our house (nesting is real, y’all!) and deciding how to decorate the nursery. And I’m determined to (finally!) finish the Harry Potter series before giving birth (just finished book #4).

But one thing’s for certain – we’re counting down the days to March 2017 and can’t wait to meet our mini. Hopefully we can mostly figure out this whole “parenting” thing by then.

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  1. I LOVED your announcement. 🙂 So cute! Also you can have nitrate free lunch meat – they sell it at Trader Joe’s for sure. I made Dave save me my favorite winter seasonal beer until I had Sadie. Sipping it in May was pure bliss haha.

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