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March Reads

If you’re wondering what happened to my February Reads list… well, I didn’t read a single book in February. That’s right, ZERO books were read. I’m blaming my temporary illiteracy on having a Me Before You hangover slash I couldn’t find a book that was good enough to follow suit. (Seriously guys, that book was amazing. I can’t wait for the movie.)

But fear not! I gained a little bit of my reading mojo back for March and managed to finish two books. While it’s only half of the amount of books I read in January, it’s double the amount of books I read in February. #brightside

Here are the books I finished in March.

The Only Pirate At The Party by Lindsey Stirling – ★★★★☆

If you spend any time on YouTube then you’ve probably heard of Lindsey Stirling, the dancing electronic violinist. Lindsey became famous for being kicked off America’s Got Talent and basically proved everyone wrong by creating a successful career with her unique talents. (She even did a song with one of my favorite musicians, Lzzy Hale.) The Only Pirate At The Party isn’t a literary masterpiece by any means but it’s a fun look into Lindsey’s life and success as a musician. This was a quick, lighthearted read.

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell – ★★★☆☆

I really wanted to love this book, especially since I like Rainbow Rowell’s writing style, but I could only like it. And I don’t even know why I didn’t love it. The book itself was really cute and relatable. Basically Lincoln works in the IT department of a newspaper and finds himself reading emails from the same women, Beth and Jennifer. Lincoln starts to develop a crush on Beth based on her emails with Jennifer. This is borderline adorable and creepy and reminded me of the time Adam found my Twitter account when we were newly dating and read all the mushy tweets I wrote about him. (Embarrassing!) But the ending was kind of weird and I just felt kind of blah about the whole book.

I’m aiming to read at least four books in April. Right now I’m splitting my reading time between Bringing Up Bebe and Love The One You’re With. We’re going on a cruise in a couple of weeks to celebrate my 30th birthday and Adam’s 29th. And hopefully I’ll have some downtime to read Walk The Edge, the second book in the Thunder Road series by Katie McGarry. (Y’all might remember how much I loved Nowhere But Here.)

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  1. Attachments is probably my favorite of Rowell’s novels, so I’m bummed you didn’t totally love it. Such a cute story!

    I’m rereading Harry Potter this year and I have been LOVING diving back into this beloved series. 🙂

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