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Getting Redhead Fabulous with H2BAR Box

These days, it seems that subscription boxes are all the rage. For a fee, you can receive a curated care package delivered to your doorstep monthly for just about anything you’re into. Gaming and geekery, beauty and makeup, books and crafts. There’s even subscription boxes for your dog. Woof! While I’ve tried a handful of different boxes, there’s only one that I’ve stuck with long term – the How To Be A Redhead Box, or H2BAR Box for short.

Each month the H2BAR Box delivers beauty essentials curated specifically for redheads for just $19. These items are deemed “redhead friendly” meaning they are gentle on the skin, free of heavy chemicals, and complimentary to red hair.

Three months worth of H2BAR box contents.

I have been a H2BAR Box subscriber from the very beginning. (Apparently I was one of the first 20 subscribers so I got a bonus product and handwritten note in my December box!) And so far I have really enjoyed most of the items included in each month’s box. The Rusk hairspray and styling creme that I received in December’s box have been my most used products. But they really upped the ante in the February 2016 box. I mean, look at all of these goodies!

H2BAR Box Contents for February 2016

H2BAR Box Contents for February 2016

Included in the February H2BAR Box:

  • Savvy Natural Bulgarian Rose Handcrafted Soap – $6 value
  • John Fried Radiant Red Color Protecting Shampoo + Conditioner – $15 value
  • GIELLA Cosmetics Testa Rossa Cheek Tint (sample) – $30 value
  • How to be a Redhead Bobby Pins – $7 value
  • St. Ives 3 Product Travel Pack – $11 value
  • HASK Beauty Keratin Conditioner (sample) – $3 value
  • Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream (sample) – $5 value
  • Total value for February H2BAR Box = $77!

While January’s box contained mostly samples, February’s box was more full-sized items. I was probably most excited about the redhead bobby pins. (Finally! Bobby pins that might actually blend into my hair!) But I’m intrigued to see how the shampoo and conditioner work for my hair considering it’s not a dyed red. Also, the soap smells amazing.

Unfortunately it appears the H2BAR Box is currently sold out (they only send out 500 boxes each month) but you can sign up on their mailing list to receive an email when there are boxes available. (Sorry, you won’t be getting my spot any time soon!) Overall I feel like the H2BAR Box is worth the $19 monthly subscription fee and I foresee myself renewing my subscription for a long time to come.

3 thoughts on “Getting Redhead Fabulous with H2BAR Box”

  1. Ok. So I didn’t realize that color-specific bobby pins were a thing until halfway through my time as a blonde. I’d pin my pixie back a lot, but often times was frustrated because I had to make sure even the pinning looked good because holy wow could you see that dark bobby pin in my bleached out hair. I love the brass/bronze ones I have now that hide so perfectly in my not-so blonde hair. Also, I love the John Frieda line. Their beach spray or whatever it was called, was my absolute favorite product and I need to restock in it.

  2. Wow, I love this! I can never figure out if I’m really a redhead. I don’t tend to think I am, but others always refer to me as one, so… maybe I should own it, embrace it, & get in on this. 🙂

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