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Foodie Adventure at Motion Sweets

My friend Desi and I recently joined Jacksonville Restaurant Reviews for an all dessert Foodie Adventure at Motion Sweets in historic Five Points.

Motion Sweets is owned by a husband and wife duo and started their business at the Pecan Park Flea Market. Once they felt their recipes had been perfected, they made the move to Five Points. The bakery offers cupcakes, cookies, cakes, pies, and their infamous macarons.

Not only did we taste six courses of desserts during the Foodie Adventure but we also helped Motion Sweets choose their newest macaron flavor. Put on your fat pants and get your dentist on standby. It’s time to satisfy your sweet tooth!

French Macarons from Motion Sweets in historic Five Points, Jacksonville, FL

Course 1: French Macaron Tasting

We started off the event with a round of four macarons – Turtle, Macha, Pomegranate, and Blue Curacao. After tasting each macaron, we voted for our favorite and the winning flavor was… turtle!

Erin: The turtle macaron was my favorite. It was sweet with the taste of pecans and maple syrup. It needed a touch of chocolate though to round out the flavors. The macha macaron was a close second. The macha tea was delightfully refreshing and not super sweet. This would have made a great after dinner treat. The pomegranate macaron was fruity and sweet, maybe a little too much. The blue curacao was my least favorite. I didn’t enjoy the flavors at all. I just felt like it was a strange combination for a macaron.

Desi: The turtle was the crowd favorite but I would have liked a chocolate cream in the center for a bit more flavor. I actually liked the macha macaron a bit more than I expected. I don’t normally enjoy macha but this made the macaron light and not too sweet so it worked well. The pomegranate macaron was filled with a really tasty cream but the cookie didn’t do much to compliment the flavor. The blue curacao macaron had a vibrant blue center. The cookies tasted just like vanilla wafers and shot me right back to my childhood.

Bread Pudding at Motion Sweets in historic Five Points, Jacksonville, FL

Course 2: Bread Pudding

Erin: I should preface this by saying that I don’t normally like bread pudding… and my feelings didn’t change after eating Motion Sweets version. Fruit and gooey cake just isn’t appealing to me. And frankly, it tasted like they just dumped a can of fruit cocktail into the mix and called it bread pudding.

Desi: I normally don’t like bread pudding either and this one holds that opinion to be true. It’s not a dessert I understand. The cinnamon flavor was nice, but the fruit addition was a bit misguided.

Profiteroles at Motion Sweets in historic Five Points, Jacksonville, FL

Course 3: Profiteroles

Erin: I had no idea what a profiterole was until I looked it up on my phone before the course came out. I was expecting a cream puff of sorts. This was like an ice cream puff sandwich with chocolate syrup drizzled on top. It was kind of hard to eat because of the melty ice cream but tasted good. Definitely not something you’d pick up to take to a dinner party. You would have to eat it at the bakery.

Desi: I was truly disappointed by these. The substitution of whipped cream for ice cream was welcomed, but my puffs were a bit overcooked and the chocolate sauce was nothing special.

Strawberry Shortcake at Motion Sweets in historic Five Points, Jacksonville, FL

Course 4: Strawberry Shortcake

Erin: I really liked the cake, but it tasted more like a lemon poundcake to me than shortcake. I really wanted a slice to eat with my coffee for breakfast the next morning.

Desi: The lemon pound cake was great! I would have loved more strawberries, but I’m a fruit fanatic so I’d say that no matter what.

Key Lime Bars at Motion Sweets in historic Five Points, Jacksonville, FL

Course 5: Keylime Bars

Erin: I had really, really high hopes for this course. I’m a huge keylime fan. While the custard had a great texture, it could have a been a little bit more tart. The crust was like a really hard granola bar. I had a hard time breaking off a piece to eat.

Desi: These bars had a crust that was beyond hard. It was a graham cracker with a toffee or something added…? Too hard for my teeth. The filling was good, needed more lime!

White Chocolate Cream Pie from Motion Sweets in historic Five Points, Jacksonville, FL

Course 6: Surprise!

Erin: The last course was a surprise and we were presented with what the staff called White Chocolate Lasagna. I’m renaming it White Chocolate Cream Pie because when I think of lasagna, I think of repeating layers. But I could have also named it DELICIOUS because that’s exactly what it was. This was by far my favorite course and probably the only reason I’d be in a hurry to return to Motion Sweets. The shortbread almond crust is topped with a layer of white chocolate cream and whipped cream then garnished with white chocolate shavings. Despite being stuffed from the previous five course, I basically licked my plate clean.

Desi: Honestly, I don’t like white chocolate, but this was the best course! It was cool and refreshing, the cookie (we determined it was almond) crust was perfect, the filling was a white chocolate pudding and the final layer was pillows of whipped cream. It was served with white chocolate shavings and berries. Delicious… but I would have loved it more in dark chocolate.


Overall, I enjoyed the experience with Motion Sweets. I think the desserts would make a great end to the evening after dinner at neighboring restaurants like Hawkers or Black Sheep. I wish they would have served a (milk or dark) chocolate dessert because you can’t go wrong with chocolate.

If you want to check out Motion Sweets, you can visit them in historic Five Points or stay up to date on their daily offerings via their Facebook page.

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