Happy Hour: Favorite Brews

I haven’t always liked beer. Once upon a time, I didn’t know any other beers existed besides Bud Light and I really only drank it when a ping pong ball fell in my cup. (Gross.)

These days my beer tastes are much more refined and I enjoy broadening my beer horizons. Stouts tend to be my favorite but I still think there’s a time and place for a good light beer too. Adam and I love trying local brews at one of the many craft breweries in town. Our local World of Beer is also a great place to try new beers. And when all else fails, Total Wine offers multiple aisles of craft beers by the bottle.

Here are a handful of beers that I’m currently crushing on.

Left Hand Brewing Company Milk Stout Nitro // “Super smooth with soft roastiness and mocha flavors.” This is my go-to stout to buy to for the fridge at home. It pours well and is so smooth for a stout. One of my favorites that I purchase over and over again. If you don’t want to go quite as hardcore, try the Left Hand Brewing Company Milk Stout.

Bold City Brewery Duke’s Cold Nose Brown Ale // “A mild brown ale… [with] hints of chocolate and caramel with a smooth nutty finish.” Duke’s is Adam’s choice for pool league Tuesday night’s and my choice when it’s the only “dark” beer offered at the bar. Since it’s a local brew, Duke’s is pretty easy to find around town. I also like the Bold City Brewery Killer Whale Cream Ale.

Blue Moon Belgian White // A light wheat beer with hints of citrus, typically served with an orange slice garnish. Blue Moon is my choice for pool league night complete with an orange slice. This is one of the few “mainstream” beers that I like and regularly drink. Another very similar mainstream beer is Shock Top Belgian White.

Abita Purple Haze // “Brewed with real raspberries… [which] add a fruity aroma, tartly sweet taste and a subtle purple color and haze.” This beer gets terrible reviews but it’s by far my favorite light beer. This is another one that I usually keep in my fridge. Light, crisp, a little fruity without being malty. I like it. (I’m actually drinking one while writing this post. Shhhh!) If you like fruity beers, I’d also recommend Sweetwater Blue.

Trader Joe’s Boatswain Chocolate Stout // “Presents aromas and flavors of dark chocolate and coffee with assertive, tangy hops and caramel maltiness.” This beer is super cheap (like, $2 for 22 oz) and super good for the price. Whenever I stop by Trader Joe’s I pick up a couple of bottles. The chocolate makes it a bit sweet and since it’s so cheap, I don’t feel bad if I don’t drink it all.

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