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Erin’s Last Boom! Boom! Pow! Bachelorette Party

When it comes to friends, I definitely have the best. But maybe I’m a little biased. Since I was the last in my group of girlfriends to get married, I let them have full control in planning my bachelorette party. The girls even picked out my outfit for the night – a red dress with leather accents. Talk about trust, right? I knew I was in good hands.

I left work a little early that Saturday and headed home to get ready. All I knew was that I needed to be ready by a certain time in the outfit we had picked out a few weeks earlier. Shelley showed up at my door alone and after a quick selfie, we headed out the door.



She drove us to a local Mexican restaurant where a group of my favorite women were waiting to surprise me. Imagine my surprise to walk into the restaurant and see not only my bridesmaids and a couple of other close friends but also my mom, Aunt Angela, and Nana.




Everyone was wearing black and my friend Samantha, who spearheaded the whole event, curated superhero themed decorations and party favors. Most brides wear sashes for their bachelorette party but I had a custom cape, which I wore all night long without hesitation. It was awesome and one of my most treasured keepsakes from the whole wedding.



We noshed on Mexican fare and drank our share of margaritas. We swapped silly stories and I opened a few gifts. It really was so much fun spending this time with my favorite women.

But the party didn’t stop there! Once we finished eating, Shelley, Samantha, and I headed to the second stop of the night, the local honky tonk where Adam and I met. Nana mentioned that she would be joining us for dancing but I just thought she was joking. Sure enough, she showed up and hung out for a little while, even ordering a margarita in a mason jar. Right now you’re definitely wishing your Nana was as cool as mine.






We danced and had drinks. And despite one too many Jack & Gingers, I still managed to hold my own on the dance floor and bust out a bunch of line dances. We basically closed the bar down (I think. See aforementioned Jack & Gingers.) and headed back to my house. Shelley and Sam both packed bags to stay so we had a slumber party. After taking my shoes off for the night, I discovered I had danced a half dollar sized blister onto the ball of my foot. I’d say it was a successful night.

The night morning we woke up groggy and slightly hungover. (Those dang Jack & Gingers!) We all showered and go ready for the last party of my bachelorette celebration – brunch! Tara and Madilyn met us at Biscottis in Avondale where we ate breakfast, recapped the night before, and I opened another gift – a monogrammed oxford to wear the morning of the wedding!



I definitely had the best bachelorette party. It was so much more fun than I could have imagined it would be. My friends did such a great job making everything “me.” And despite needing almost an entire day to recuperate, it was totally worth it.

To wrap everything up, my friend Ansley put together a quick video of the night. So thankful for these women I get to call friends and family. They’re the best!

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