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Chances are you’ve already seen photos of my Kate Spade Wellesley planner. She’s shown up in quite a few of my latest Instagram photos (like this one). She’s red and beautiful and fits my personality perfectly and I carry her everywhere with me. It’s love. But the story behind how I came to acquire my Wellesley is one of luck and destiny.

I’m new to the planner world. I’ve relied on planners of various designs for years to keep my life on track. But recently I’ve discovered a whole group of people (mainly women) who take planning to a whole new level. Think more scrapbooking and less agenda. If you browse Instagram for #plannergeek or #plannerlove, you’ll see thousands of photos showcasing different planner setups and designs. Planning really has become a new form of creativity and art.

One morning while I was getting ready for work, I watched a video on YouTube from Cori TheResetGirl. She was showcasing her newest planner setup – a black Kate Spade Wellesley – and I was smitten. I suddenly needed a Wellesley. I wanted to create custom dividers and sections suited to keeping my life in order. While my spiral-bound Mead planner was working, I could do better.

After a quick Internet search, I realized finding a Kate Spade Wellesley planner was like finding a unicorn unless you were okay with paying a lot of money. There were listings on eBay and Facebook groups selling the planners for anywhere from $150 to $350 or more. I couldn’t fathom paying $150 for a planner much less upwards of $350. Just as I was giving up hope and realizing I’d have to need another planner, I made a phone call to our local Kate Spade Outlet.

“Hi, yes, I’m looking for a unicorn. Do you guys have the Wellesley planner…?”

Much to my disbelief, they had one Wellesley left… and it happened to be red… and marked down. For about $80 with shipping, I had secured my unicorn planner.

I cannot explain how I get lucky like this but I’m so grateful.

So, for the past couple of weeks, I’ve slowly been customizing my planner. The beauty with binder planners is that everything can be customized. I’ve created dividers out of Spider-Man scrapbook paper, cut cute notepads down to size (you become a regular at the Target Dollar Spot when you become a #plannergirl), and laminated sheets so they can be used again and again.


I love my planner and will never part with her, though I’m currently debating on what sister I want to get for her. There are a ton of great brands to choose from; Filofax, Kikki K, Franklin Covey, and Webster’s Pages are some of the more popular brands aside from Kate Spade. I can’t decide if I want another red planner or a more standard black one. Either way, I’m looking at getting something a little larger the next go around.

If you’re interested in learning more, I would suggest an Instagram search (@theplannersociety is one of my favorites but there are tons of great accounts) or joining a couple of planner Facebook groups. (Kate Spade Planners Club is my favorite and it’s not just for Kate lovers.) You can always leave me a comment below or shoot me an email. Happy planning!

How do you stay organized? Are you an electronic or paper planner person?

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  1. I love the *idea* of a planner & this kind of stuff makes me want to get one again! I invested in Erin Condren planners for two years, then downgraded to an inexpensive one from Target last year, but found that I never sat down to write in them. This year I didn’t buy one and so far, I haven’t missed it. I end up putting all events (baby showers, dinner dates, etc.) in my iPhone calendar & then for to-do list type stuff, I break it down into weekly/daily chunks in the Reminders app.

    1. I’m one of those people who has to physically write stuff down. I’m weird, haha. Adam and I share a Google calendar which is great for important events because reminders pop up on our phones. But I just really, really love paper planners. Thanks for reading, Cait! 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, you’re sort of crazy but I sort of love it. I have an Erin Condren that I love but almost never use, & I am forever chastising myself for it. I love how much work & effort you put into yours & wish I could get myself to even just LOOK at mine. Ha!

    1. A couple of people have said I’m crazy… but then they see my planner and they get it. I started with an inexpensive Mead spiral planner and tossed around the idea of an Erin Condren planner but I’ve really come to love binder planners so you can swap things out and move them around. Follow some girls on Instagram for motivation! (@jen_plans is a good one. She uses an Erin Condren.)

    1. I haven’t heard of those. I’ll have to look into them. I actually keep up with quite a few planners now that I think about it. I have my Kate Spade, an iPhone planner that keeps Adam and I on the same page, and a weekly pad at work where I write down to-dos and such. Staying organized is my favorite. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  3. I have been wanting to get one of these Kate Spade planners, but cannot find one!! The outlets near me do not carry them. Guess I should expand my search. Sigh! Yours looks lovely, though!

    1. I got really, really lucky with finding mine. This was also a couple of months ago. I can imagine all the outlets are out this late in the year. But sometimes I see them for sale in planner groups on Facebook. You could look there!

  4. I don’t really get the scrapbooking in a planner thing. I do however, love my planner. It has all my to do lists, and notes for candles and from meetings, and tracks my writing projects and appointments.
    I find I hate binders because I always end up destroying the rings, but I like the flexibility so I have Twilight Circa discs on a LevTex cover (because I avoid leather) with a SmartPlanner insert. It’s pretty and the junior size fits in my bags and it makes me ridiculously happy.

    1. Sometimes I miss my plain Mead planner that I got from WalMart. I love my KSW but it’s a little small. I’m actually waiting on a Filofax A5 Original that I’m hoping will give me more room. I don’t get super decorative with my pages. I did for my wedding and honeymoon because I knew I wouldn’t be writing much else but for the most part my weeks are plain. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 🙂

  5. I discovered these at the beginning of the year too! Annnd went on the same mystical hunt, mine’s black. I’m now a Washi tape addict and I carry that thing everywhere.

    P.S. Your blog is looking great Erin!

    1. Really? That’s so neat! I am currently waiting on a black Filofax to be delivered. I’m excited to have something a little bigger.

      Thanks, Meaghan! I’ve been working on it. 🙂

  6. I just found and ordered my Unicorn its on the way!!! I have been using planners for 22 years and I have just discovered this new planner love and I am so into it!!!! Kate Spade is the one omg where have that unicorn been hiding all these years!!!!!!

  7. You definitely got lucky!!! Now looking for a red Wellesley Planner that is less than $300 is impossible. I am currently waiting for my black one to come in. I was a huge Erin Condren lover but I’m looking for something smaller. I love how you decorated yours! Love your blog (: Newest follower ♥

    1. Yes! I really wanted one of the rose gold planners this year but wasn’t so lucky. This year I’m using my KSW as a wallet instead of a planner. It will make a great clutch when I don’t want to carry my whole purse.

      Thanks for commenting and following! I hope to post more about planning this year. 🙂

  8. I just ordered one off eBay (for more than I should have paid) and I can’t wait to get it. I think it will be the perfect carrying around planner. I will use it more to hold information and ideas as opposed to my calendar. 🙂

    1. This year I’m using mine more like a wallet than a planner. I still have a monthly calendar and to-do sheets but I also put all of my cards and such inside. It will be a great “clutch” when I don’t want to carry my whole purse!

      Thanks for commenting! I’m going to be doing an update to this post soon.

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