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Wedding Update: Registries, Website, & Other Notes

We are 120something days away from saying I do and I feel like we’re slowly plugging along at this whole wedding thing. Maybe not nearly as diligently as I’d like, but we’re getting there. Some updates…


Adam and I registered for our wedding. We went to Target and Bed, Bath, & Beyond, standard places around these parts for wedding registries. The whole process was pretty painless. After hearing a BB&B horror story from my girlfriend, I was nervous going in. (Target is always a cinch. They just give you a scanner and you zap away.)

Since we’re already “established” it was a matter of choosing replacement items and a few new items that we would like to have, though I still feel like our lists are really long. (Hey, a girl can dream, right?) There’s no china or fancy glassware on our registries. That just wouldn’t be our style (and I have no idea where I’d put them). I’m looking forward to replacing some well-loved items, mainly in our kitchen like pots and pans, dinnerware, flatware, and a few tools and appliances.

What new items am I most excited about? The SodaStream… or maybe the Spider-Man fleece throw. (Yes, I really did register for that. What? Mine has a hole in it!) Adam is most excited about the Roomba. If you’re interested in seeing what else we included on our registry, you can check out our Target list and Bed, Bath, & Beyond list.



One of my bridesmaids suggested I put together a website since we’ll have a lot of out-of-town guests at the wedding. Her idea was to create a simple cookie cutter site, maybe from somewhere like The Knot. But those sites and URLs are boring and arduous, plus I wanted to control who could look at the site. So, for a small fee (thank you GoDaddy!) I developed using a simple WordPress template, including the ability to password protect the site. (Sorry, I won’t be providing the password here since there’s personal information like addresses and such on the site.) There’s a bio about Adam and I as a couple and as individuals, a quick write up on the wedding party, as well as venue and travel information.

I’m testing out an RSVP plugin that will allow guests to easily RSVP for the wedding via the site. So far it seems to be fairly simple for the couple of people that have tried it out but I’m debating on whether or not I should send traditional RSVP cards with the invites or just stick with the online form. Thoughts? Has anyone used an online RSVP form? It would be nice to save on the postage…



  • After a lot of frustration, we finally booked our photographer – Jenn Guthrie Photography – and I’m SO excited to work with her. I spent hours pouring over portfolios and contacting photographers (and arguing with my dad) before finally being able to book Jenn. She is super sweet and I love her photo style. And she seems really excited about some of the ideas I’ve come up with and details about our wedding.
  • My garage is overflowing with glass jars and bottles. Adam bought an adapter for our Dremel that allows me to cut the necks off wine bottles with ease. I just need to carve out some time to get them all cut. (We still need glass jars though so keep them coming!)
  • The bridesmaids have all ordered their dresses. Even though all of the dresses are from the same line and made of the same fabric, they were a different price at all three of the shops. I thought that was kind of odd and annoying. (I purposely picked less expensive dresses and they went up as much as $60 at other shops.) Meanwhile, I am rather anxiously and impatiently waiting the arrival of my dress…
  • My aunt and I looked at invitations at a stationary shop in town… and I didn’t really see anything that I loved. I’m still really leaning towards the design I created myself. Also, I had no idea how much invitations actually cost. Good grief!



  • Schedule cake tasting and order cake. We’re probably going to stick with a cake from Publix. I don’t want anything super fancy. A simple white cake will do for me. I really like the rustic simplicity of that cake above via And I found cake toppers on Etsy that will go perfectly with our theme.
  • Engagement photos. Since Adam won’t be wearing his uniform for the wedding, I’m looking forward to taking some engagement shots with him in uniform. I also have a handful of other ideas that I’m hoping we can work out with Jenn.
  • Finish invitations and other paper goods. I’ve started our invitations and I’m really pleased on how they’re turning out. I need to order envelopes and start researching places to get the invites printed. (Anyone have suggestions for either? I’m really loving these envelopes.) I’m also going to create programs and some other miscellaneous paper goods to place throughout the reception.
  • Solidify the guest list. Adam’s parents are coming down for Thanksgiving and we’re hosting at my dad’s house. (Cue all the excitement and nerves!) And I’m hoping we can get the guest list completed while they’re here. Fingers crossed! We’re looking at a solid 150 people. (So much for a small wedding.)
  • Book a DJ and rentals. My first choice with DJ is unavailable (wah! sadface!) so I’m having to settle for someone else. We also need to get quotes for rentals like tables, chairs, etc.
  • And a whole slew of other smaller details that need to get done that I won’t bore you with. You’re welcome.

Typing out that list made me a feel a whole lot less stressed. I still feel like there’s A LOT to get done but taking it in small pieces seems to be helping.

I would love to hear your thoughts on registries, invitations and RSVPs, and any other wedding planning advice you might want to offer up. Leave them in the comments below or email me!

3 thoughts on “Wedding Update: Registries, Website, & Other Notes”

  1. We had Ashley of our Little Leaf Ash design our save the dates & invites for us, and she recommend a printer that was surprisingly affordable. They came out great! If you are leaning towards your own design, use it! Go with that gut instinct.

    I recently went to a bridal shower where the bride had forgotten she registered for something like 20 towels between the two stores she picked for her registry and she got them all. She talked about returning them but the older ladies told her to save them since they were the good towels and it’s one of those things they all hated to buy. So maybe register for some new/good towels? We also picked a few games that we wanted for our Wii and board game collection: Scattegories, Scrabble, etc. We got them! They are some of our most used presents, next to our plates (we didn’t do china either). Oh, and a silverware set is a must. Even if you have one, the wear and tear and how expensive they can be, well, it’s nice to have a set ready to go for when you are done with your current one (I wish we had registered for 2 sets).

    This is really long so I’ll stop there for now!

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