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A Girlfriend’s Guide to Savannah, GA

Do you ever feel like you just need to get away? You don’t really want to run away but you need some time to get out of your normal scene and recharge your batteries. That’s how I’ve felt lately so my friend Samantha and I escaped to Savannah, Georgia for a mini vacay last weekend.

Savannah is a little over two hours from Jacksonville so it’s far enough to escape but still close enough to home to make a quick trip. Savannah is home to a lot of history (and site to the filming of Forrest Gump… and other important history stuff) as well as Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) so there’s a lot of creative energy and inspiration floating through this little city, not to mention some great eating and shopping spots. There are also beautifully kept plazas and parks scattered throughout the city.


You can control a lot of things in life. Unfortunately the weather is not one of them. When Samantha and I planned our trip, we didn’t even think about rain. But Savannah welcomed us with rainy weather and saw us off Monday afternoon the same way. Even though we spent most of our trip dodging rain drops, we still had a great time. Here are some of the places we visited in Savannah.

Eat & Drink



The District Cafe & Eatery – When we arrived in Savannah, Sam and I spent an hour driving around and scoping the place out before finally deciding to park the car and explore. We Yelped numerous restaurants… and on a whim decided to try The District for lunch on Sunday. And it was good! We both got a cup of the roasted pepper and artichoke bisque (that’s a giant chunk of artichoke pictured) with the Grilled Cheese of the Month – spinach and artichoke dip with cream cheese, mozzerella, and parmesan cheeses toasted on Ciabatta bread. The food was good, but we definitely should have split the sandwich since it was so rich and heavy.

Wet Willies Savannah, GA

Wet Willies – We took advantage of Savannah’s open container law and stopped at Wet Willies on River Street for a frozen drink. After tasting most of the selections, I decided to go with the Mojito. (I’m kinda boring.) Sam went with the Bob Marley, a mixture of three different drinks. Both drinks were very strong but good.



Screamin’ Mimi’s – Deciding on dinner Sunday night was difficult. We had plenty of choices on River Street but nothing was really striking our fancy so we decided to head towards the hotel. Y’all know I’m a pizza fan so I jumped on the chance to try Screamin’ Mimi’s, self-proclaimed best pizza in Savannah. The restaurant is small with a laid back atmosphere. Most of the walls are open chalkboards for patrons to leave notes and drawings. (Someone drew a spot-on image of Elsa, which I of course forgot to take a photo of.) Sam ordered pizza, which is available in a GIANT pizza or GIANT pizza slices. I went with a pepperoni calzone, which was as big as my head. Both were great choices.




The Collins Quarter – Before leaving on Monday, we explored the town a little bit more and stopped at The Collins Quarter for lunch. The atmosphere in this place is really cool. Reminds me of a NYC cafe. Unfortunately the food wasn’t as great as the atmosphere. Sam ordered the smashed avacado on toast, which she seemed to enjoy. My burger wasn’t that great, but the cold brew coffee was on point.

Shop & See



Broughton Street – Broughton Street is home to a lot of designer stores like Kate Spade, Urban Outfitters, and Marc Jacobs as well as some local boutiques and souvenir shops. We walked both sides of Broughton on Sunday after lunch, ducking into stores to check out their eclectic inventory. My favorite store on Broughton Street was The Paris Market. With two stories full of vintage and unique items, this store has a little bit for everyone, including a coffee shop with French pastries. Now, I’ve never been to France but this is exactly how I imagine it. Though I wanted to buy one of everything in the store, I settled for a quirky greeting card that I’m going to frame on our gallery wall. Some other shops to note along this street are Savannah Bee Company and Nourish Handmade Natural Bath Products.

River Street – As the name suggests, River Street runs along the Savannah Waterfront and is home to numerous shops, restaurants, and hotels. Since a lot of the stores stay open late on River Street, we decided to walk around Sunday night. And I’m going to be honest – I didn’t feel all that safe. Aside from it being dark and rainy, I didn’t have a good feeling about being down there. I pushed those feelings aside long enough to check out most of the shops but we left shortly thereafter. I wish we had gone down there during the day; I probably would have enjoyed myself a little more because there really are some great shops including a Christmas shop, Savannah Candy Kitchen, Earthbound Trading Company, and a few touristy souvenir shops.

Shop SCAD – Savannah is home to a lot of aspiring artists, many of whom are enrolled at Savannah College for Art & Design. Shop SCAD sells items made by the students of SCAD. There’s everything from paintings and prints to clothing and jewelry to home decor and beauty products available in the shop. Although I walked out empty handed, I loved admiring the handiwork of these students.

Shower & Sleep

Thunderbird Inn Savannah, GA

The Thunderbird Inn – If you’re really looking for a quirky place to stay outside your normal hotel experience, the Thunderbird Inn offers just that. With complimentary popcorn, Moon Pies, and RC Colas, Krispy Kreme, juice, and coffee breakfast, and funky decor the Thunderbird Inn offers you a different motel experience. However, for a few extra dollars you can stay at a hotel with updated amenities (and probably cleaner facilities). The hotel wasn’t terrible… but it wasn’t that great either. For one night, we can’t really complain but if we could do it again, we’d probably just stay in the Marriott.

I love that Savannah gives you that Big City vibe in the heart of the South. Next time I hope we have more time and better weather to explore. There are some places we didn’t get to visit that I’d love to go back and see, like Savannah Smiles Dueling Piano Bar as well as more of the small boutiques and shops. I would also love to take a guided tour to learn some of Savannah’s history and see more of the city. We’ll be back Savannah!

Pssst! You can see more photos from our trip to Savannah on What I Wore | Savannah, Georgia.

5 thoughts on “A Girlfriend’s Guide to Savannah, GA”

    1. Haha! It was pretty fun. Not your most luxurious hotel but it wasn’t bad, especially not for one night. The funky decor was fun too. 🙂

  1. I absolutely LOVED Savannah!

    Interestingly, I felt the same way about River St. as you did! During the day, I ran there and found it super charming, but I did feel a little bit unsafe at night, so we didn’t spend too much time there.

    ALTHOUGH! We did love Wet Willie’s! That open container policy is amazing.

    You actually went to a lot of restaurants that I didn’t get to, so this was really fun to read.

    1. The food was probably the best part of the whole trip, haha! The pizza place was bomb dot com. (Does anyone say that anymore? Oh well.) And it’s a shame about River Street because there really was some neat shops. Unfortunately I just couldn’t relax enough to really enjoy them and we decided to see some other things before leaving on Monday instead of going back down there. Oh well, next time!

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