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Are you familiar with Lush Cosmetics? Do you like fresh, handmade, and natural products that leave your hair and body feeling great? Do you support companies who believe in ethics like fair trade, using Vegan ingredients, and fighting animal testing? Then you should really familiarize yourself with this company.

I became a fan of Lush thanks to an introduction from YouTube Beauty Experts and have since tried out many of their products. And I’ll tell you – I have yet to find a bad apple in the bunch. Lush has recently opened two locations in Jacksonville and I’m happy that I don’t have to drive to Orlando or Tampa now to get my fix. (True story: my BFF in Tampa sent me my first Lush products for my birthday one year. Best gift!)

Back in August, my aunt gifted me with a tub of Curly Wurly shampoo from Lush, something I’d been dying to try but couldn’t justify purchasing myself. I used that shampoo through November and let’s just say I marched myself back into Lush and spent a small fortune on products, including a new tub of Curly Wurly. Sometimes you just have to treat yo’self. Since I’ve been using the products for a couple of weeks, I thought I would share my thoughts on how I’m liking them and whether or not you should splurge too. And since the holidays are approaching, I’ve offered up some gift giving ideas for people on your list who need a little bit of pampering.


lush-curly-wurlyCurly Wurly – The shampoo that started it all and still my favorite. This is a rich coconut based shampoo that offers a lot of moisture for us curly haired folk. There are actual real bits of coconut in this shampoo which can be a little messy in the shower but easily wash down the drain. You just take a small dollop, run it in your hands a little bit to lather up, and scrub through your hair. The smell is fantastic, as you can imagine, and leaves my hair feeling super soft and manageable. I definitely recommend this shampoo if you have curly and/or dry hair.

lush-rehabRehab – I bought small bottle of Rehab to try out. This is another moisturizing and repairing shampoo, as the name suggests. My first impression was the smell. It has very fresh and invigorating scent thanks to fresh citrus juices, peppermint, and juniper. A little goes a long way with this stuff. I’ve used it three or four times and you can’t even tell any is missing from the bottle. It has a great lather that leaves your scalp tingling and refreshed. As far as the moisturizing claims are concerned, I still find that the Curly Wurly does a better job. But if you want a shampoo that will clarify and refresh your hair without leaving it feeling dry (especially if you only wash a couple times a week), this is a shampoo for you.

lush-trichomaniaTrichomania – The sales girl was nice enough to send me home with a generous sample of Trichomania, a coconut based solid moisturizing shampoo, since I’m such a fan of Curly Wurly. I was very skeptical to try out a solid shampoo, mainly for the fact that I love the lather in liquid shampoo, but this stuff laters more than a lot of liquid shampoos I’ve used. You start by lathering the bar in your hands and then rub your hands and the bar through your hair. This gives you a rich foam that easily spreads through all of your hair. Once rinsed, your hair feel moisturized and refreshed, left with a light and clean coconut scent.

Bottom Line – While I enjoy different qualities of all the shamppos, if I ranked them from most liked to least, I would say Curly Wurly, Trichomania, then Rehab. With having naturally curly, dry hair, I love the moisture that I get from the coconut based shampoos. Rehab is great as an occasional shampoo for me because I feel like it really cleanses all the built up product out of my hair but I would use Curly Wurly or Trichomania on a normal basis.

Others To Try – There are numerous shampoos in the Lush line and a couple others that I want to try are Big (a volumizing sea salt and lime juice based tub shampoo), Blousey (a moisturizing shampoo with bananas and butters), and Cynthia Sylvia Stout (a smoothing shampoo with vegan stout beer and lime juice).


lush-retreadRetread – Retread is Lush’s richest conditioner, perfect for this dry haired gal. Packed with protein and fruit enzymes, this conditioner offers your hair a heavy dose of moisturizing and strengthening ingredients. My first thoughts when using this conditioner was that I didn’t like it. The product didn’t spread like conditioners I was used to using. My hair didn’t feel super soft or moisturized when I was in the shower. And I was convinced I’d spent $30 on a product that didn’t work. But once I got out of the shower and dried my hair, I noticed the difference. My hair was moisturized without the weighed down feeling conventional conditioners can leave. My hair looked smoother and felt lighter. My only complaint about this product is that you have to use quite a bit to get a good coating on your hair. But on the flipside of that, the ingredients sink deep into your hairs cuticle which is why it doesn’t spread as easy. As soon as you apply the product, you can feel it sinking into your hair.

Bottom Line – While Retread is okay to use every day because it offers serious moisture without weighing your hair down, I would like to find another conditioner to add into my routine solely because of the amount of Retread you have to use. At $30 a tub, having to use twice as much product to achieve results means having to buy twice as much product. The results are definitely worth the money, but I would say to use this product once or twice a week instead of every day.

Others To Try – Lush’s line of conditioners is much smaller than their line of shampoos but there are still a few others I would like to try, like Jungle (a solid cocoa butter conditioner) and Happy Happy Joy Joy (a vegan moisturizing conditioner packed with essential oils).

Other Products

lush-mintjulipsMint Julips – I’ve been trying to wear more bold lip colors (I’ve been told they make my thin lips look larger and more full). To keep my lips moisturized and healthy, I use Mint Julips sugar scrub. This product is made from sugar and essential oils that are so clean, you can simply lick the product off your lips after applying. I’ve purchased two jars of this product and it is still one of my favorites. If mint isn’t your thing, there are a couple other flavor options like Bubblegum and a cola flavor called Santa’s Lip Scrub for the holidays.

Charity Pot Body Lotion – This is a delicately fragranced, cocoa butter based body lotion that provides moisture to thirsty skin. I picked up a small tub to use on my legs after shaving. The ingredients soothe and moisturize skin, leaving behind a clean, fresh scent. Also, with every purchase of a Charity Pot, Lush donates 100% of the price (minus taxes) to organizations that advocate environmental conservation, animal welfare, and human rights. Not only are you bettering yourself with these lotions, you’re also bettering the world.lush-bubbleroon

Bath Bombs, Bubble Bars, & Bath Melts – Lush is probably most famous for their line of bath products. The very first Lush product I tried was a bath bomb, and while I don’t take many baths these days, they’re still one of my favorite Lush products and they make the best gifts. Some of my favorites include the Rose Jam Bubbleroon, Butterbear Bath Bomb, and Green Bubbleroon. Also, a lot of these products especially the bubble bars can be cut in half, providing you with double the baths.

lush-rosieWrapped Gift Sets – And as I mentioned, Lush sells gifts sets of perfectly paired products wrapped and ready to give to your favorite people. They even have numerous options available right now for the holidays. Some of my favorites include Cozy Christmas (with five holiday themed products), Rosie (with five rosey indulgences), and Wizard Hat (a magical trio of bath treats).

For The Guys – And if you think Lush products are only for the women in your life, think again. While most products are unisex, Lush also offers a full line of Men’s products. My favorite is the Dirty line, a scent that is manly enough for even the macho manliest men but still fresh enough for the ladies. They offer up products like body sprays, shaving creams, and body powders.

Whether you’re looking to add some products to your own routine or find a gift for a special person in your life, Lush has you covered. There are fragrances and products for everyone from your grandmother to your boyfriend to your dogwalker. Everyone needs a little pampering and why not pamper yourself with a company that strives to make the world a better place one bubble bath at a time.

I wasn’t compensated for this post and haven’t included any affiliate links (read: I’m not making a dime off these reviews) but I love the products so much, I wanted to give you a good buying guide for your own purchases at Lush. Most images via and Lush St. Johns Town Center Facebook.

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  1. I haven’t used Lush products in ages. I think when I did, it was their bath bomb stuff. Oh, and a really awesome lotion product that was actually a bar that I rubbed all over myself. It was perfection. We don’t have a Lush near us so that makes it, on one hand, safe so I don’t spend unnecessary money there and also difficult for when I do want to treat myself…

  2. Usually the scents in the store keep me away because I’m very sensitive to all that. Still cool to hear about their products. Maybe I’ll have to buy online to avoid the overly scented items.

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