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How To Expand Your Wardrobe (Without Going Broke)

There’s been a lot of talk lately about capsule wardrobes. (In fact, here’s a whole blog devoted to capsule wardrobes if you’re unfamiliar.) While I get the idea of parring down your wardrobe to only include select pieces and still maintaining a put together style, capsule wardrobes are not for me. After reading a few posts on capsule wardrobes, I was inspired to go through my wardrobe and get rid of things that either didn’t fit or didn’t make me feel good. This included t-shirts, pants, tops, shoes, pajamas, bathing suits, and undergarments. But I never felt inspired to scale my wardrobe down to under 40 pieces. Ain’t happening.

My style and shopping habits have evolved immensely over the years. When I was in college, I went out every weekend and bought at least one new outfit from stores like American Eagle and PacSun. I spent a fortune trying to define my style and looking back I realized I never even had much style. Bummer. If I only I could get back the money I blew back then. (And save myself from the unnecessary credit card debt.)

Here are a couple ways to expand your wardrobe without going broke.

Do I love it?

These days when I shop for clothing, I ask myself one question – do I love it? If I mentally answer no or I’m not sure, I don’t buy it, even if it’s a really good deal. If the purchase weighs on my mind, I might go back and buy it, but that rarely happens. I went by Ross the other day and tried one some items, one of which was this GORGEOUS red dress that looked great on me. I ultimately put the dress back because I decided to buy over-the-knee boots instead, something I’d been dying to add to my wardrobe for a long time. (Haven’t regretted that decision yet.) This “Do I Love It” mentality has drastically cut down my shopping expenses. And probably saved me from some serious buyer’s remorse.

Shop Sales & Discounts

In addition to only buying items I love, I also typically only buy items when they’re on sale or at a discounted price. (Bonus points for sales at discount stores like Ross or TJ Maxx.) I always hit the sales rack first and then look for percentages off. Stores constantly run specials and sales, especially online. And majority of the time you can also find a code for free shipping. This past week Rue21 was running a special for $30 off $50 purchase with free shipping on orders over $50. Using this discount, I was able to purchase six items valued at a total of $98 for only $55. That’s almost a 50% savings! (And probably was before taxes!)

Sign Up For Rebate Programs

Also, if you’re a frequent online shopper, you should sign up for rebate programs and track your purchases. I use Ebates and so far I’ve gotten almost $50 back by simply clicking a link. (I received $2.78 back for my Rue21 purchase, which isn’t a lot but it all adds up.) I always make sure to activate my Ebates account before making any online purchases. And pro-tip, install the Ebates toolbar so you always know when purchases are eligible for cash back. Bonus points if you use a rebate program AND get rebates or points on your credit card purchases.

These three simple guidelines have really allowed me to expand my wardrobe without spending a ton of money. With the holidays coming up, I’ve tried to scale back on my own purchases to be able to spend a little more money on my loved ones. But I love knowing that I can look fashionable and have an updated wardrobe without going broke.

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  1. I’m also a fan of clothing rental. That way, you can keep your wardrobe updated while paying an amount that’s less than what you would spend on buying new clothes.

    1. Yes! That’s a great idea, especially for formal events. Renting something you may only wear once is a great way to save a little cash. Great tip!

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