#NordstromJax Gala

The Nordstrom Gala in Jacksonville provided customers with a sneak peek into the store before the Grand Opening but also helped Nordstrom raise over $90,000 for three local charities. I was so honored to attend the event and what an event it was! I can’t seem to come up with words to describe the night so I’m going to let the photos do most of the talking.

I drug my friend Desi along to the event as my +1 and personal photog. Most of the photos that will be in this post are her doing. And I’m so thankful that she took so many photos because I was way too sidetracked by shiny things and drinks and food and friends and mingling to take photos.



This is Tiara. She works at Nordstrom in the Juniors department and she was killing it in this custom designed tulle skirt.





These mannequin models were a really neat slash kinda freaky. They rotated out every 10 or 15 minutes and had on different looks each time. The concept was different and I thought it was a great way for the store to show off some of their brands.



Little tiny Patron margaritas went along great with all of the hors d’oeuvres. They also had canned champagne, beer, wine, and a full liquor bar. Some of the other snacks included bite sized lobster rolls, BLTs, ahi tuna, corn and avocado salad, and more. The guy at the beer cart questioned my age. I assured him I was 28 and that one day my young looks would come in handy, but for now their just an inconvenience. (Chugalug that Bold City Dukes Brown Ale. Yum!)







I noticed quite a bit of shopping going on. People were walking out with Nordstrom bags, even saw some ladies with hat boxes! I did not leave with a hat, though Tiara tried to convince me I needed this one to go with my outfit. There’s also a Kate Spade iPad cover that reads “Speak of the Devil” that was… well, speaking to me, haha.


DSC_0117 New Facebook profile photo? I think so! Also, shout out to Desi’s super serious face. She was really taking this photographer job seriously.




Nordstrom has an AMAZING shoe department. No, really. And I think those leopard boots need to find their way into my closet.




I was also SO EXCITED to hang out with some fellow Jacksonville Fashion bloggers. You’ll recognize Thamarr in that fierce black and white number. She is so smart and passionate about blogging. I loved hearing her thoughts. And how adorable is Meaghan and her hubby? She was so sweet and I can’t wait to work on some collaborations with her in the future.


This ticker screen scrolled with social media feeds tagged with #NordstromJax. One of my favorite things since the event has been going through all of the photos tagged on Instagram. There’s some familiar faces and some faces I wish I would have gotten to chat with.


At 10:30, while the band was playing songs like The Wobble and Thriller, I decided I’d had enough (or maybe my feet were just really achey from being in heels all night) so I headed home before turning into a pumpkin. I left feeling so inspired and excited. I cannot wait to cultivate these new relationships and connections. And I of course cannot wait to shop at Nordstrom!

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  1. I love the shoe section at Nordstrom. The biggest mistake I make when I go there? Taking my hubs. He likes to shop more than I do so usually we get stuck in the men’s department. =)

    1. Haha! I have to drag Adam to stores. He’s SO not a shopper. (He may or may not still be wearing the same jeans from high school.) Hopefully I’ll wear off on him a little soon. 😉

    1. Thanks Nadia! It was great to meet you, even if it was brief. We should arrange a fashion bloggers meetup again soon! 🙂

    1. The event was supposed to be from 7pm-10pm. I went in thinking I would stay an hour or so, but at 10:30, that place was still rocking and I finally had to drag myself out of there. It was definitely a lot of fun!

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