St. Johns Town Center Phase III & Nordstrom Media Preview

Y’all, I had so much fun at the St. Johns Town Center Phase III and Nordstrom Media Preview on Tuesday. Like, so much fun. I met a lot of new people, most of which were fellow local fashion bloggers, and got a sneak peek into some of the new stores. This post is a long one and photo heavy so get comfy and let’s go for a tour.

This new wing of the mall is beautiful with new stores, lounging areas, and Ebar, Nordstrom’s espresso bar. This is going to be a great place to shop and relax. Only thing that would have made it complete is charging stations.





Look at this stuff; isn’t it neat? My first stop of the tour was Disney. (And I may or may not have went in there multiple times before my tour was through.) This store is every kid’s dream with interactive displays, toys and merchandise for just about every Disney character, and different sections to appeal to tastes. Each morning the cast members perform an opening production where the first kid at the door literally “unlocks the magic” with a giant key in a lock. If you have kids, you should check it out. Or let me borrow your kids so I can check it out.

My personal favorite section is the Marvel section. (Duh.) One of those Spider-Man mugs needs to find its way into my kitchen! There are multiple tree silhouettes throughout the store. Can you spot the characters? There’s at least six for every display. I spy Tinkerbell, Bambi, Winnie the Pooh, Buzz Lightyear, Goofy, and the magic mop from Fantasia in this tree.



My favorite feature of the store has to be the murals that run along the walls. Each piece was created around Jacksonville landmarks. Of course you can see the downtown Jacksonville skyline complete with The Landing and River Taxi and the famous Treaty Oak tree.


What is that wonderful smell? Yankee Candle! What can I say about this store that you don’t already know? With a friendly staff on hand to offer suggestions and discounts year round, Yankee Candle is your stop for home fragrance. My favorite is always MidSummer’s Night but After Dark is my new favorite thanks to a suggestion from the store manager. I love those clean, manly scents.







I’ll take one of everything in Boston Proper, please. No need to gift wrap; you can just put it all in bags. I LOVED this store. I have never been into a Boston Proper but the atmosphere was warm and inviting and the clothes are beautiful.

That rug, you guys. I need it! I also need one of those lace moto jackets and that cognac leather vest. Did you think I was joking when I said I wanted one of everything?


With giant mirrors at every corner of the store, I couldn’t help but take a selfie. Hi! What am I wearing? Nothing fancy – Walmart flannel and necklace, Old Navy Holy Chic graphic tee, F21 sunnies and boots, fav H&M skinnies, and a TJMaxx bag. Forever a #frugalfashionista.




Welcome to Natural Life! Natural Life was created right here in Jacksonville and proud to finally have their first storefront. Up until the opening of this store, Natural Life products were sold wholesale only. Guided by the motto of “live happy,” Natural Life encourages you to enjoy the little things in life that mean the most.

This is a great store to pick up inspirational and meaningful gifts for your loved ones. The vibe of the store is relaxed, kinda hippie chic but all the bright colors and inspirational sayings leave you feeling motivated.


Free People is not open yet but coming soon. And I’ll be really glad. Remember that one time I had a friend in Texas find and ship me the Tattered Flag Scarf when it was sold out online? Sure would have been nice to have a store in town…



If Boston Proper is my closet, Arhaus can be… well, my house. This store is amazing! As we browsed the store, employees were still working hard to make sure everything is perfect for the grand opening. The store completely changes twice a year – Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter – including wall paints, displays, and even hand stenciled details.




The mirrored bedroom furniture was beautiful. The bookshelf with the skulls and library ladder was right up my alley. And even though it wasn’t finished, this antler chandelier really spoke to me. Even if you aren’t in the market for new furniture, you need to stop by and check out Arhaus. You will leave feeling inspired and refreshed. (You think they would mind if I crashed on a couch to write sometime?)


Model Citizen, an edgy boutique type store with brands like JBrand, Rag & Bone, and Diane von Furstenburg, is also open in this wing of the mall. I walked in briefly before heading home and while there were a ton of leather pieces that I obviously loved, I got sidetracked by that silver skull on display. I’ll be back for some of that leather though!


The last part of the preview was a guided tour through Nordstrom. YOU GUYS, I am so excited about having a Nordstrom in Jacksonville. I may not be able to afford half the items there, but I can definitely window shop! I snapped a few photos from the tour but this was my favorite one – the dressing room in the Youth department is set up like an apartment. There’s a special fitting room – the Girlfriend Room – so that you and your friends can all pile in and try on clothes. No more embarrassing walks out of the fitting room to ask your friend how she feels about those pants. (They look great, by the way.) Now you guys can hang out and shop in an atmosphere that feels just like home.

Tomorrow night is the Nordstrom Gala and I’ll be getting all fancied up to attend the sold out event. (Saying that makes me feel like such an A Lister.) I’ll save my photos of the store for that event because from what I’ve seen, it is quite the show. Shopping, drinks and food, and live music. I cannot wait!


Special shout out to my new friend Thamarr who writes at Musings of a Curvy Lady. She was super sweet (and fashionable!) and let me pal around with her for the preview. Also, big thanks to Liz of J’Adore Studios who snapped this photo of us. Thamarr and I will get to hang out tomorrow night at the Gala so I’m sure you’ll see a few more photos of her. I also met Bonnie from The Honey Deux, Laura from My Newest Addiction (who is also a milso), and Amy from Like Love Want Need. I had no idea that Jacksonville had so many fashion bloggers so it was really neat to meet all of these ladies.

Okay, tomorrow night we gala! (Did I mention I’m excited?) So I’ll be back here later this week with a recap and photos.

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  1. What a fun preview/event! Can’t wait to hear about the gala- hope you had an awesome time. I love Nordstrom- they have an amazing brand of underwear, lounge & sleep wear that I adore. (Make & Model, it’s for teens but whatever, I buy it. They discontinued my favorite kind of their designs but I hear a rumor that they are bringing back a fun and seamless line. I can’t wait to check it out. Bonus: their prices rival Victoria’s Secret, the quality is better and the store isn’t full of pre-teens so I don’t feel so out of place!)

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