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I’m Just Sittin’ Out Here Watchin’ Airplanes

Hello! Hi! How was your weekend?

After two busy weeks at work, I thoroughly enjoyed a little downtime this past weekend. I was down in Melbourne for work Thursday afternoon and got back home on Saturday night. My first stop was FOOD because I was starving. Adam and I stopped by Tijuana Flats (my fav local fresh mex place, FYI) because I was dying for a salad. I was literally hangry and said some pretty nasty things to him as were walking into the restaurant. I felt terrible and even apologized for what I said when I was hangry. I was tired and hungry. Not a good combination for this gal.

Also, speaking of food – shout out to The Mansion in Melbourne. We had dinner there on Friday night and it was a great experience. This restaurant has a really cool and fun vibe (we sat on the rooftop), good food (I had a Fajita Steak Sandwich that was on point), and HUGE beer and wine list with over 100 beer on tap. (I had such a hard time choosing!) We will definitely be back again.

Alright, so Saturday night Adam and I got food and headed to the house. I took a shower and couldn’t get in my jammies fast enough. Pretty sure I fell asleep on the couch before 10:00, which is a normal Saturday night for me. (I’m such a party animal. Not.)

Sunday, Sunday! (say that in Al Roker’s voice) morning we slowly got up and motivated to head to the NAS Jax Air Show, one of the local Navy bases. We had planned on stopping at Metro Diner (a great local spot) for breakfast… but changed plans once we saw the line waiting outside and stopped by Panera instead. (Boring.)

Pro tip: take a motorcycle to the show. You get to park right up front. There were THOUSANDS of people on base for this show so parking was a little hectic. Another pro tip: take as little with you as possible. You’re being granted access to a military base, they’re gonna search your belongings. The less you have with you, the faster you can get through the security line. But bring earplugs. The prop planes aren’t that bad but once the jets start flying, you’ll need them. I should have brought some for myself but I was shocked at the amount of kids that didn’t have ear protection. I even spotted a few dogs there. Really?! You think that jet is loud to you. Imagine how loud it is to your pooch with super sonic hearing. Bring ear plugs. And leave your dogs at home.

I don’t care how old you are or how many times you’ve been, the Air Show is always awesome. I’ve never seen so many grown men light up as the planes flew overhead. The Blue Angels are my favorite, though it’s hard to top the F-22 Raptor. If you want to see more photos, check out #NASJaxAirShow on Instagram. I asked Adam if he would hurry up and marry me so we could have kids to bring to the Air Show. He said he needed groomsmen first. (We’re five months out from the wedding, babe. Pick your dang groomsmen!)


The show was great… but we sat in traffic for over and hour just trying to get off base. It was a mad house! Next time we’ll leave a little bit early just so we don’t have to deal with that. We had a major advantage with taking the bike to the show, but idling for so long almost caused the bike to overheat. (Not to mention, sitting in the sun that long almost made us overheat.) At one point, I hopped off the bike to walk around and helped Adam push the bike forward as we inched our way to the exit. Womp womp.

Once we finally got out of all the traffic, we capped off the night with dinner at our favorite sushi joint, Yashi Sushi. You know you visit a place too often when you don’t even have to tell them what you want. That’s how this place is. I guess we’re what you would call “regulars.”

This morning I had plans of being super productive. I was going to take myself to breakfast and get some writing done. But apparently my body had other plans because I slept until 9:00 and finally drug myself out of bed around 11:00. I got sucked into a Bar Rescue marathon for most of the day. (Anyone else love that show? It’s one of the few shows that Adam and I agree on.) Managed to do some laundry, wash the sheets and make the bed, and clean out my closet. I got rid of TWO trashbags of stuff. One is being donated, the other went into the trash. I’m now about 42 t-shirts lighter and in desperate need of new underwear. Time to go shopping!

What did you do this weekend? I want to hear about it, the fun and the mundane.

2 thoughts on “I’m Just Sittin’ Out Here Watchin’ Airplanes”

  1. The Blue Angels were here earlier this year. I enjoy the Fair & Air Show every time it’s around, but the parking is pretty nutso and it’s not even on a military base.

    We cleaned out a ton of our stuff from our house last weekend, too. it felt so lovely to be able to donate things and trash the rest. I feel lighter and of course am looking at everything and rethinking the “do we need it?” thing.

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