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Weekend Recap: Good Music, Great Food, Best Friends

This past weekend, some of Adam’s childhood friends – Dustin and Rebekah – from his hometown in Georgia came to stay with us. They arrived Saturday night and we didn’t waste a single moment creating memories.


It’s a B, double E, double R, U, N. One of the best things about living in Florida is the quick access to water. Since it was already pretty late, we decided to hang out on my grandparents’ dock (which is also right around the corner from our house) and fish while enjoying a couple of beers instead of going out. We stopped by the corner liquor store to pick up some provisions. I grabbed two locally brewed beers – Bold City Killer Whale Ale and Dukes Cold Nose Brown Ale (a personal fav). We didn’t catch a thing (not even a bite!) but we shared lots of laughs. (I’m still not convinced that Adam’s pantyhose + stinky baits trick actually works to catch fish…)


Arach-NO-phobia. Sunday morning we slept in a bit and kicked off the day with homemade cinnamon rolls (okay, so they came out of a can, I just baked them), bacon, and coffee for breakfast. We made a trip to the local House of Reptiles (Dustin is kind of a reptile geek), which was equally creepy and stinky. I was doing okay until I realized there’s a whole wall of tarantulas. NO THANKS.

To make up for all the scaly, slimy creatures (and curb the spider nightmares I might have), we stopped by the Humane Society adoption event at the fairgrounds. Adam just knew I was going to come home with a dog (especially since adoption fees were only $20) but I can honestly say that a single dog didn’t tug on my heartstrings enough to come home. Sorry, furry pals!



Everything irie, mon! We made a few more stops before having lunch at Nippers Beach Grille. We were lucky enough to sit by one of the sliding glass walls and enjoy the cool air inside while feeling like we were outside. (A compromise in this horrible Florida heat!) We enjoyed a slow, delicious lunch of fish tacos, cold beer, jerk chicken nachos, mimosas, a fat burger, frozen drinks, and fried pickle chips. So much good food! After we all had our fill, we headed home for showers and getting ready for a fun night of music.





Friends in low places. The main reason Dustin and Bekah came to visit was to attend the Garth Brooks concert with us Sunday night. When I heard Garth was going on tour, I told Adam we HAD to get tickets. I have been a fan of his for as long as I can remember. After selling out FIVE (!!) shows in Jacksonville, we were so glad to get our hands on a set of tickets. The seats were surprisingly good (but really, is there a bad seat at a Garth Brooks concert?) and the show was incredible. I’ll even forgive Garth for forgetting the lyrics to the third verse of Friends in Low Places for his electric performance of Calling Baton Rouge. One of those dance-until-you’re-sweating and sing-until-you’re-hoarse kinda shows. You can see a short video of the concert here.



Food for the soul. We wrapped up the weekend with breakfast at Maple Street Biscuit Company. I have been wanting to visit restaurant for a long time and I knew our fellow foodie friends would be up for trying something new. The biscuits at Maple Street are fresh and flaky, topped with just about anything you can imagine. I ordered the Loaded Goat – a biscuit piled high with fried chicken and a slab of goat cheese. I ate the entire thing and washed it down with their signature Maple coffee. We will be back, Maple Street! I’m so glad everyone trusted me with the food decisions for the weekend. I’m pretty sure I didn’t disappoint.

After a full week of social engagements and a weekend full of fun, this introvert spent Sunday afternoon curled up on the couch. We have our huge annual sale at work kicking off on Thursday this week so I know I’ll be super busy. A few hours of quiet time was just what I needed to recharge my batteries.

How was your weekend?

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    1. GIRL, next time you come to Jax (assuming there will be a next time?) I will take you there. It was SO GOOD! Really great food and a fun atmosphere.

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