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Wedding Update: Six Months

We are officially in full wedding planning mode! The Big Day is a little over six months away and I’m excited about the plans we have made so far. Since we are having a laid back and casual wedding, I’m trying not to make things any more complicated (aka, stressful or expensive) then they need to be.

Here is what we’ve decided on so far…

Date. March 21, 2015. May through mid-September is out of the question because it’s just too hot here. We have birthdays (and rain) in April. And didn’t want to wait until Fall 2015 to tie the knot. So, March was our choice. Plus, we really like the date – 321.

Venue. This part was easy. We are having the wedding and reception at my dad’s house. He lives in a beautiful house on a creek with plenty of yard space for a wedding.

Officiant. The lead pastor of our church will marry us. He has known me for a long time (and Adam for as long as he’s been around) and was our first choice for officiant. Thankfully he was available.


Wedding Party. There will be three bridesmaids – my high school BFF and two long time friends – and a flower girl. Bean is going to be the ring bearer. (I am not joking. It’s going to be so cute!) Adam’s long time friend from his hometown in Georgia is on board but he has yet to pick two other groomsmen, which is stressing me out. (COME ON ALREADY!)

The wedding color scheme is garnet (RED!) and neutrals. The girls will be in cocktail length dresses, their choice out of a select line. The guys will be casual but complementary to the girls – dark jeans, tan vests, garnet ties, and white shirts. Adam will have a different tie to set him apart.


The Dress. The Dress has been ordered and estimated to arrive in December or January. It’s actually a bridesmaid’s dress but I love it. I found two dresses that I loved. Ironically both dresses were only available in black as samples but my dress will be ivory. When I tried the dresses on for my bridesmaids, they liked both but loved the second so that made my decision easier. I argued with the lady at the bridal shop over which size to order so I’m praying I made the right decision and wasn’t too stubborn. I’m tossing around the idea of finding a reception dress.

Catering. We are actually having a food truck at the wedding, which I think is going to be a really unique way to do catering. Plus, this will make clean up and serving super easy. The truck owners are friends of ours so I’m happy to have them serve our guests and get to be part of the festivities.


Paper Goods. I am designing the paper goods for the wedding – save the dates, invitations, programs, etc. I’ve started working on the invitations already. I’m hoping a casual invitation will set the tone of the wedding for our guests. I have contacted a local calligrapher who does awesome handlettering and has given me a great deal on addressing envelopes.


Florals. Nana and I will be putting together floral arrangements, bouquets, and boutonnieres. She is such a whiz when it comes to these kinds of things and I know she’s going to do a great job. We are hoping to have a mixture of purchased flowers as well as seasonal picks from her garden.


Decorations. As with everything else in the wedding, we will be DIYing decorations. I’ve asked all of my friends and family to save glass jars, vases, wine bottles, and corks to be used for table centerpieces. I’m hoping that I won’t have to buy many things (recycling is the name of my game) but I know thrift stores are packed with cheap glassware if I need it.

Guest List. I’ve started compiling the guest list. My original guest count was 100, but I quickly realized we would have more than that. Now it’s looking more like 150-200 guests, which sounds like a lot but we are really making sure to only include people who are close to us.

Monthly Goals. By the time five months rolls around, I’m hoping to have the photographer and DJ hired so we can begin working with them. The tent, tables, and chairs need to be reserved. And I need to schedule our cake tasting. Hopefully Adam will decide on his groomsmen soon and we can conquer the daunting task of a wedding registry.

All photos were borrowed from Pinterest.

11 thoughts on “Wedding Update: Six Months”

  1. Erin with you and your Nana’s talent I have no doubt it will be a beautiful one of a kind wedding and reception. I am so happy and excited for you and Adam.

  2. I love all the ideas for your wedding! So pretty! I wanted to tell you that I had three friends stand up for me and my husband only had one, his very best friend. Two of my 20ish male cousins were our ushers, but they did not stand at the front during the ceremony. My mother totally stressed out over our wedding party not being “symetrical” but J really only has one BFF and so I let him have that and 10 years on, the only one who still cares is my mom LOL. I can’t wait to see all your pictures! Going to be a gorgeous wedding I can tell!

    1. Thanks, Sonya! I forwarded your response to A. I wouldn’t be opposed to him only having one groomsmen. I guess I’ve just never thought about that. I’ve known the three girls for years so I’m excited to have them involved. Plus, weddings are more about the women anyway, let’s be honest, haha. I can’t wait to share more! 🙂

  3. You are on top of it! Love the idea for the food truck; so unique, personalized and FUN. Can’t wait to see how it all comes together; you’ve got a great vision so I know it will be awesome. And the outfit for the guys? Totally awesome. I’m pretty sure my hubs would have loved to be in jeans on our wedding day although thankfully he said the suit we picked was really comfortable, well, minus the shoes.

    1. Yes! I am trying to make sure we stay on top of things. I don’t want to be stressed out. Weddings are supposed to be fun so I’m going to try my best to make it that way. It would be silly for us to dress the men in suits, it’s not our style. My dress looks like a wedding dress but it’s not super fancy so we’re trying to make everyone else casual and comfortable too. I can’t wait to share more! So excited, haha! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Cait! I am really excited and hoping the wedding turns out as fun as I’ve imagined it in my head. Can’t wait to share more! 🙂

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