Snail Mail & Mixed Media Collages

When I was in high school, my favorite type of creative endeavor was making collages. I would sit on my bed for HOURS snipping magazines and catalogs and piecing together intricate works of art. Every one of my binders had a collage cover and I regularly gave my friends collages as gifts.

I had completely forgotten about this long lost art until my BFF unearthed one of my high school pieces while cleaning out her closet. This particular piece included photos of the two of us as well as my usual magazine clippings – quotes, words, crush-worthy men of the time. The construction paper background had faded and the glue had worn away but this collage was a time capsule of our friendship. In a stroke of genius, I decided to make a new collage and send it to her as a surprise, which reawakened my love of this mixed media art. (I haven’t sent her the collage yet so SURPRISE! But it was too good not to document first.)



Over the weekend, I made a beautiful disaster in my office as I put together snail mail packages and collages. I still love snail mail. There’s something special about receiving a card or package amidst the sea of junk mail and bills. I cannot wait for my three recipients to receive their packages. (Next time I’ll take photos of the goodies!) I’m pretty sure I get more excited about sending snail mail then the recipient. And as you can see, my collaging carried over to the packaging.

Now I’m determined to collage more and send more snail mail. If you’d like to be added to my snail mail list, send me your address. I’d love to send a random bit of happiness to your mailbox!

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