Weekend Recap | Guests, Amelia Island, & Lots of Good Food

Weekend Hangover – That sense of depression you feel the weekdays following a particularly fun and exciting weekend. This is me, folks. Struggling through a weekend hangover, daydreaming about next weekend’s adventures and it’s only Wednesday. But that means we’re halfway there! Once upon a time, I didn’t have a social life. It was a sad life to live and I don’t miss those days in the least bit. These days? I’m very busy, always going and doing. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

So, let’s kick off this party and rehash a fun weekend.

Friday night was pretty low-key. Adam took me out for Mexican food, which is a big act of love on his part since Mexican ranks low on his list of “Favorite Things To Eat.” (Which is a shame because it’s probably #1 on my list.) We chowed down on some delicious food at La Nopalera (affectionately  referred to as La Nop around these parts) and I slurped on a frozen margarita, trying valiantly to avoid a brain freeze but failing multiple times. We wrapped up the evening snuggled on the couch watching Thor: The Dark World for the second time. My super power is falling asleep on the couch during a movie, and I held true to that trait with about 15 minutes left.

Weekend Recap | Target Utensils

Adam was out of town all day Saturday and Saturday night so I got to some much needed alone time. I took myself out on a date to Target where I spontaneously purchased new kitchen utensils. I needed a new rubber spatula but when I saw the Giada De Laurentiis utensils on clearance, I scooped up a whole new set. I figured I had gotten my money’s worth out of the dollar store set I bought a couple of years ago. You know you love to cook when you get excited about kitchen tools.

Weekend Recap | Wax Warmer

I also snagged one of the mason jar electric wax warmers that I had seen on Instagram. (Sidenote: What is your favorite fragrance to melt in these? I got a clean cotton pack at Target and it smells good but not my fav. Should I try out some from Scentsy?) Afterwards, I went home and stayed up past my bedtime cleaning and organizing the house in preparation for some guests we were expecting on Sunday. Wild night, folks! Lemme tell ya…

Weekend Recap | Sunday OOTD

Sunday morning I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed dragged myself out of bed to get ready for church with Nana. Was totally not thinking about that whole “lose an hour” thing when I stayed up late Saturday night. We had a great service and then enjoyed lunch at Bahama Breeze (my first time!) with church friends. My sweetheart even made it back to town in time to meet us!

Weekend Recap | Motorcycle Ride

The weather on Sunday was awesome. The temperature was in the high 70s and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. As much as Adam wanted to take a nap before our guests arrived, I convinced him to go for a ride instead. We hopped on the bike and headed to the local Flea Market to kill some time. We even took Bean for his second ride on the bike and I’m pretty sure he’s a professional now. “Don’t worry, Ma. I got dis.”

Weekend Recap | Relax

When we got home, I opened up the windows to the front of the house and everyone took some time to enjoy the beautiful weather. All was going well until I dropped by iPhone on the driveway and shattered the front screen. Womp, womp. You win some, you lose some.

Our guests – Dustin and Bekah, childhood friends of Adam’s from his hometown in Georgia – arrived Sunday evening. We stopped for drinks at World of Beer before dinner. Whenever we go to WoB, I basically take the draughts list and scan for anything that says “stout.” I ended up trying the Sweetwater Happy Ending Imperial Stout which was really good. I followed that up with a Chocolate Covered Blueberry – half chocolate stout, half blueberry ale – which was also really good. I’m a fan.

Adam and I were bragging about the food at a nearby Greek restaurant – Taverna Yamas – so we headed there for a late dinner. We had been there once before and the food was awesome. Plus, around 8:00 the restaurant erupted with music, dancing, and napkin throwing. Opa! But apparently 9:00 on a Sunday isn’t exactly a happenin’ hour for the Greeks and though we were horribly disappointed with the ambiance of the restaurant (no, seriously the place was dead) nor the fact that the waitress tried to sell us water (um, it comes out of the tap?), the food did not disappoint and was just as delicious as we’d remembered. Noted.

Unfortunately Adam had to work on Monday morning (who does that? ha!) so I made it my mission to entertain our guests before they headed to their next destination later that afternoon. I took them by my work and gave them a small tour of the city. We had lunch at an always delicious local staple – Cruisers Grill. The food there never disappoints and I highly recommended the Cheddar Fries and anything with the marinated chicken (though the Big Salad is my fav). And the Ranch dressing, you guys? It has to be made with crack. IT’S SO GOOD.

Weekend Recap | Reptile Store

I made mention of a reptile store in town and Dustin, who is a reptile geek, insisted we check it out before they left. That’s where I met that giant fella. Lizards, snakes, and turles – oh my! This place was packed. And pretty stinky. But what can you expect from a cramped reptile shop full of hot cages? Once Dustin had his fill of reptile talk, we headed home.

Weekend Recap | Amelia Island

Dustin and Bekah gathered their stuff and headed to Amelia while I packed a bag for Georgia. I met Adam at his apartment and we changed and suited up to meet Dustin and Bekah for dinner on Amelia. (A Harley is a little out of place in this slow little coastal town but we needed to enjoy the weather one more time.)

Weekend Recap | B&B

I couldn’t help but snap a few photos of the B&B and made mention to Adam that we should really look into staying somewhere similar in Savannah. I’ve never stayed at a bed and breakfast, but apparently you meet some very interesting people while sharing these living spaces.

We walked to dinner at a local pizza joint. Arte Pizza has an great Italian menu and if my sweetheart was more of a foodie I would have liked to have tried the Caprina (mushrooms, oven roasted tomatoes topped with goat cheese, fresh basil, and EVOO) or Vegetariana (eggplant, roasted green peppers, onions, mushrooms, artichokes, tomato sauce, topped with feta cheese, basil, and EVOO – HOLY YUM!). But alas, his tastebuds aren’t as adventurous as he is so we played it safe and got the Paesana (Italian sausage, pepperoni, tomato sauce, and mozzerella) which was good but kinda boring compared to it’s cohorts.

We stopped for ice cream at a local candy shop on the walk back to the B&B. Mint chocolate chip for me in a (warm!) waffle cone and let me tell you, it was definitely just what we needed to cap off a fun weekend.

I kinda hated to go to sleep on Monday night because I knew Tuesday at work would not live up to the fun we’d had over the last few days. But I struggled to watch two episodes of The Blacklist before we called it a night and hit the hay.


The good news? In just a few short days, I’ll be headed on another adventure to Daytona for last bit of Bike Week. Life is surely never dull!

Did you do anything fun this weekend? Tell me about it in the comments!

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