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Thrifting in Jacksonville at The Thrift Shop

My favorite day of week is Monday. While the rest of the world is complaining about having to go back into the office, I’m enjoying another day of freedom. (I often have to remind myself of this when I’m whining about having to work on Saturdays.) On Mondays, you can often find me amongst dusty racks at local thrift stores digging for treasures and deals. Most of the time I emerge victoriously, though sometimes I leave empty handed. This week was one of those victorious Mondays.

I live in the thrift store district of Jacksonville. There’s easily a dozen stores within a few miles of my house and I’ve visited just about all of them. But my favorite thrift store in Jacksonville is The Thrift Store on Emerson Street. This store has racks upon racks of clothing and offers two different discounts per day – 50% and 75% – based on chosen tag color. The photo above is just a fraction of the clothing racks. It can be a little overwhelming.

Thrifting for clothing is relatively new to me. I used to get annoyed with digging through racks because I never found anything worth while. But after sorting through the clothing racks at The Thrift Store and finding a handful of keepers, I was hooked. Last week I came home with a few good items including the oxblood maxi from Monday’s post and a real leather vest for only $7.

I try to limit myself each week because some trips I could leave with armfuls of clothing. This week was one of those weeks I had to pull back the throttle. The clothing options were so good that I was texting friends photos of items that just NEEDED. I was determined to find these great pieces new homes. They didn’t deserve to be left on the dusty racks!

I reluctantly walked out with only three pieces for myself and one for Adam for a total of $22 with tax. Here’s what I came home with.


GAP Men’s Button Down $6 & Lands End Boys Down Vest $5 // Don’t be afraid to step out of the women’s section! I find the best button downs in the mens section. And though this vest was hanging in the women’s section of the store, it’s actually a boy’s vest. The shirt retails for around $50 and the vest retails for about $40. You can see how I styled these two pieces together on yesterday’s #ootd Instagram post.


Arizona Men’s Button Down $6 // Adam is a pretty simple guy when it comes to clothing, but I’m slowly broadening his horizons. The last time I went to the thrift store he told me that if I found something he might like, to bring it home. So this week I came home with this shirt for $6, which sells for about $30 retail.


Kate Spade Top $4 // And last but certainly not least, is this Kate Spade top that only cost me $4. FOUR DOLLARS. This is definitely my best thrifting find so far. I was SO excited to spot it. It needs a cleaning and a good steam but I can’t wait to wear it. This girl isn’t typically into designer fashion but for $4, I couldn’t pass up this designer piece. I have no idea what retail price would be (I couldn’t find anything like it online and I’ve never shopped at Kate Spade) but I’m pretty safe to say it would sell for WAY more than $4.

This week was a success and I’m excited to style each piece. I can’t wait for next Monday to see what kinds of treasures I can find.

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  1. RIGHT?! I mean, I grabbed that thing so fast. I didn’t look at sizing or anything. Just walked away because I didn’t want anyone else to know what I’d found. Then I inspected it, haha. My best find yet!

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