Geocaching in Saint Marys, Georgia

Have you ever heard of geocaching? Don’t worry – I hadn’t either until this weekend. I laid in bed late Saturday night researching on my iPad for something fun and new for Adam and I to do for Sunday Funday when I landed on a page for a local nature park and noticed a link for geocaching.

What is geocaching? Geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunting game where you locate hidden caches via GPS coordinates. The caches range in size and some contain trinkets or prizes. (The cache abov is nothing more than a log rolled into an old lip balm tube. Other caches were ammo cans or plastic containers.) All caches contain a log where you write your name and date once you’ve found the cache. If there are prizes in the cache, you are encouraged to take a prize and leave a prize in it’s place.

I explained the game to Adam early Sunday morning and he was excited to get the search started. (I knew the Eagle Scout in him would be excited to break out his compass.) Using the geocaching app (yep, there’s an app for that) we located the closest geocache and headed in search for treasure. At first I thought the app would be considered cheating but some of these suckers were still hard to find!




We picked up a pack of Army men toys to leave as our prizes and we signed the bottom of each that we left. We exchanged our Army men for two tiny peace sign patches, a keychain, and a pink coin.




It was really neat to see how many people have found the caches before us. Some had even been there that same day. We had one minor setback with the landlord of one of the properties but once we (reluctantly) explained what we were doing and showed him the hidden cache, he wished us luck and sent us on our way.




We spent almost all day looking for geocaches around town. We ended up locating 14 caches and saw some pretty awesome sights around town. One cache even required us Adam to get a little wet.



But this GIANT statue was our favorite and most unexpected find. We couldn’t help but take a few pictures. (Thankfully I brought my tripod and remote.) And she had a pretty nice uh… cache with her!



We also found a really cool bridge that looked liked it was a playhouse for a group of young boys at one time. I couldn’t believe that some of these beautiful nature finds were right in our backyard.





If you’re interested in seeing if there are any geocaches in your neighborhood (which there probably are because there are over 2 million worldwide), check out Adam and I can’t wait to find the rest of the geocaches in Saint Marys and start looking for them in other places around us.

6 thoughts on “Geocaching in Saint Marys, Georgia”

  1. ha! I tried to find a few caches off of Hodges by my work only to later find out they weren’t there anymore! (they showed up on the free app, but on the website comments, you could see many hadn’t found them) What a bummer! Looks like a lot of fun though. I’m sure I’ll try some more again soon.

  2. There were a couple that no longer existed and a couple we flat out couldn’t find yesterday. But for the most part, it didn’t take us too long to find them. There are A TON in Jax. I’ve heard the ones in UNF are pretty cool.

  3. I remember you writing about your caching adventures with Nathan. Actually, I think that was the first time I had ever even heard of it. When I was researching it the other night, I remembered your post. 🙂

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