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Black, White, & Sparkles All Over!

I’ve noticed a recent trend in wearing tank tops as vests. At first I turned my nose up to this idea. It’s a tank top, not a vest! But then I decided to give it a try with a sequined zebra print tank that I’ve had in my wardrobe for years. And the verdict? You guys, I kinda dig it.

I mean, it works, right? Never would have thought to try this type of layering. (Thank you Instagram!) I think the third layer is what makes this look. If you just wore the tank and the shirt, you might look like you’re wearing a tank top over a shirt. You know, because you are. But the blazer makes the ensemble look polished and put together.



Please note this is the only blazer I own. While I’d love to have a collection of rainbow blazers, I never really think to wear them. (Plus, it’s never cool enough to wear them. Ugh, Florida!)

And speaking of the weather, it FINALLY got cool last weekend… and then it was warm again by the week. Stop being such a tease, Fall! The fair is coming soon and for whatever fluke of a reason it always gets cool when the fair comes to town. While I’m not planning on attending (ours is pretty sketchy) I am looking forward to the cooler weather that comes with the big ferris wheel and carnival games.



I’m getting pretty good with this self-photo thing. (Though they obviously turn out better when I have another hand.) My neighbors were totally taking an evening walk when I shot these photos. They’re probably thinking what is this weirdo girl doing taking photos of herself in her front yard? It’s all for you guys. You’re welcome.

What do you think of the tank vest trend – love it or leave it? Leave me a comment below with your thoughts!

WHAT I’M WEARING: Blazer KMart, Tank Dillards, Shirt J. Crew, Jeans & Booties Express, Bag Charming Charlie, Necklace Hand-Me-Down

5 thoughts on “Black, White, & Sparkles All Over!”

  1. I love the tank/vest option, with the right tank. I think the detail on yours is key to it working. If I busted out a random solid print tank, it might not work. Also, how is that the ONLY blazer you own? I have like 20! (most from Goodwill for $5 that are in great condition.) Either way, this look is a win.

  2. No, no. Only works with a tank with some texture. If it didn’t have the sequins I’d look goofy. You need to show me your Goodwill fashion ways. I find lots of housewares and such there but never clothing.

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