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Friday Finds | A Fashion Story

Let me tell you a little story. Once upon a time Earlier this week, I walked into my favorite dusty thrift store with the intentions of finally scanning the clothing racks. Normally I stick to housewares because I’m not a picker. Don’t get me wrong – I’ll scan a Ross rack until I’m blue in the face but those racks are at least sorted by size. (Nothing worse than finding a great piece only to realize it’s not your size. Ugh!)

I made my rounds through the housewares, furniture, linens, and even shoes before finally convincing myself to tackle the clothing racks. I quickly thumbed through piece after piece, sticking to the sections (typically colors and patterns) that were my style. After rows of dresses, tops, sweaters, and skirts I finally made my way to the pants.

I quickly scanned through the patterns, whites, blacks, and khakis before getting into the Roy G. Biv sections. I had barely began to dig through the reds when I spotted this pair of burgundy Abercrombie & Fitch jeans. And guess what? They were my size! (And the thrifting choir rejoices…)


I examined the pants – no signs of wear and tear. They looked practically brand new! Even stiff like new jeans are. The price was certainly right at $7.95. I checked the size, confident they’d fit but wanting to try them on just to be sure… and quickly realized there wasn’t a fitting room. Drats.

Pro tip: if you’re pretty average, if it fits around your neck it will probably fit around your waist. So, I gave the neck measuring trick a try and they seemed like they would fit. On a hope and a prayer, I purchased them. And as you can tell, the pants fit and I wore them and lived happily ever after.



Do you want to hear another story? I haven’t shopped at Aeropostale in YEARS. I had written them off as teeny-bopper store and never thought twice about checking out their stock. Last week I caught wind of a great sale over at All clearance items were 30% off and if you paid with PayPal you got 2-day shipping for free. In my sleepy delirium from the busy week, I stumbled to the website and poked around the clearance section. One thing lead to another and before I knew it, I had three pairs of pants (these, these, and these) and a vest (this one) in my shopping cart. (I think I was sleep shopping… *cough*)



On Wednesday night, I came home to a box from Aeropostale with my goodies. I tried on the pants. They fit, though I probably could have gone a size down. (Washed them in hot, hot water hoping they’d shrink a tad.) I unwrapped the vest and it was love at first sight. I ended up paying $10 or so for each of the pants and only $12 for the vest. (The original price tag on the vest was $65!) For a total of $45, I received three pairs of pants and a vest originally valued at $228. Well played, Aero. I guess I should add you back into my rotation of stores to check out. Thanks for the great deals. Let’s chat again sometime soon.

Note: While I’m fairly certain the additional 30% off clearance sale is over (the ad is no longer on the site), the free 2-day shipping by paying with PayPal is still valid. The vest is still available for $14.99. (Totally should have gotten this top. UGH!) And it looks like they’ve added new items since I shopped. Go getcha some!

Have a great weekend friends! Do you have any great finds from the week? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

Obviously Aeropostale didn’t sponsor this post. (Though I’d happily take a sponsorship for future posts.) Just one frugal fashionista sharing some deals with friends.

What I’m Wearing: PANTS Thrifted Abercrombie & Fitch, SHIRT J.Crew, VEST AeropostaleNECKLACE & BRACELET Claire’s, WATCH ReactorBOOTS Forever 21, BELT Target, SUNGLASSES Costa

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