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DIY Black Cat Halloween Costume

I wanted to get good photos of my last minute Halloween costume but sometimes your boyfriend is being really impatient and you have to settle with iPhone pics. Such is my life. I rarely ever dress up for Halloween. Last Saturday we went to a Halloween party and last minute I decided to go in costume. Like, I came up with this costume Saturday morning in the car on the way to work. And then I wasn’t even sure that I still had the cat ears and tail. I thought about throwing in a pop or two of leopard but ultimately decided to go all black.



I looooooved my eye makeup and wish I had gotten a better photo. I did a purple smokey eye with a cat eye flare. I hardly ever do anything fun or different with makeup and when I do I remember how much I love playing with makeup. Note to self: play with makeup more often.


I pulled my hair back into three stacked ponytails which made it look like one long pony. I’m loving this look. Throw in an eyeliner nose and whiskers and you’ve got one cute kitty cat. Meow! My costume was a hit at the party. And even though Adam didn’t dress up (party pooper!) I had fun.

What are you dressing up as this Halloween? Share your costume ideas in the comments below!

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