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A Gothic Glam Halloween Tablescape

It’s officially October 1st so that means I can decorate for Halloween. Hurray! I’m usually not one to decorate for holidays but for whatever reason I’ve enjoyed creating holiday tablescapes for the past couple of years. I have decorations for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas but Halloween is always my favorite because of the skulls.

Most of the items used were purchased at dollar or thrift stores. The lace was purchased on clearance at the local fabric store. Usually I go for a tablecloth look but this year I decided to turn it into a runner. Hopefully the cat leaves it alone.












The glitter skulls are probably my favorite. This year I mixed them in with the apples that usually sit on my table. The strand of blacklights look a little more ghoulish in the dark, but you get the drift. And I hang the skeleton lanterns from the ceiling with thumbtacks and fishing line. They don’t light up anymore but I still like the way they look.

I’ll leave this tablescape up until after Halloween and then transfer it over for Thanksgiving. And I’m not gonna lie – some of these items might get moved into my beauty studio at the end of the season. I mean, those glitter skulls are just begging to be used year round.

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