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Weekend Recap: A squirrel, Daytona, and an anniversary.

Happy Monday… or something. I have weird feelings about Mondays. Monday is actually my Sunday so while most people are complaining about going back to work, I’m all YES I CAN STAY IN MY PAJAMAS ALL DAY IF I WANT TO! Which, for the record, I hardly ever do. But sometimes an all-day-pajama-thon is necessary.


My life is never dull, have I said that before? Because it’s true. Just when things start to get “boring” something pops up. In this case, an abandoned baby squirrel. If you follow my Instagram you’ve already seen photos and videos of the little guy girl. On Friday, Adam got a call from a friend that he found an abandoned baby squirrel. Adam is kinda known as the “squirrel guy.” He currently has two female pet flying squirrels. As a teenager, he nursed a baby squirrel back to health and kept him as a pet. He’s even kind of squirrely himself. So, he’s the squirrel guy.

Our newest little addition is doing well so far. (Note: on Sunday night, we discovered our little boy squirrel is actually a little girl squirrel.) She had a few cuts and scrapes but is healing. Her eyes have opened, she’s eating well, and very responsive. I’ll save some of you some time and say yes, we know not everyone believes in what we’re doing and that’s okay. We’re just sort of taking this day by day. I don’t think the world is going to tip off it’s axis over one squirrel so cool your jets, thankyouverymuch.


On Friday night at 10pm (Seriously, what the heck kind of delivery hour is that, FedEx?!), I received my herringbone J. Crew inspired vest. It’s not bad! It’s light (which is good anyway because I live in Florida) and comfortable. The biggest difference other than price is that the WalMart version is printed polyester compared to the textured cotton vest at J. Crew. But for $18 versus $108, I’ll take it. Might even need to get it in another color. Hmmm…


Saturday after work I met Adam in Daytona for a night with friends. I love that we can be spontaneous like that. Load up the car with the boys (and a squirrel) and head down South. Always great to see friends. My favorite part of the night was when an older gentleman told Adam he was in love with me. Adam replied with, “Really? I am too.” I love that man.


And speaking of love, Adam and I celebrated our one year dating anniversary on Sunday. One year, holy cow! Feels like so much longer than that, but in a good way. I have never met anyone as wonderful to be around as Adam. Love having him as my sweetheart, best friend, and partner in crime. And to think I wasn’t even that interested in him when we first started dating. Ha! We celebrated with breakfast with friends before our drive back to Jax, a lazy and relaxing afternoon, and a romantic dinner at Bonefish Grill. Mmmmm!


As a small token of my love, I gave him a stainless steel cigar holder and flask to keep his cigars from getting crushed in his saddlebags. (I bought it on Groupon while I was riding It’s A Small World at Disney. Ah, technology.) We’re both gadget geeks so I knew he’d think it was pretty cool. And I very well couldn’t give it to him empty so I included two cigars and a bottle of rum.

And what’d he give me? Money! To go shopping! For clothes! So excited! ALL THE EXCLAMATIONS! This girl can’t wait to hit the mall and see how far she can stretch that money. Swoon. He really knows the way to my heart. Money can’t buy me love… but it can buy me clothing and that’s almost the same thing.

How was your weekend, friends?

3 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: A squirrel, Daytona, and an anniversary.”

  1. Knew we were kindred spirits. Burton doesn’t buy me gifts but lets me buy whatever I want for the present. I love it. I rather pick out my own stuff. he will go with me if I want or will just let me come home and tell me what I found.

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Looks like y’all had an awesome weekend. 🙂

    I’m lovin’ the new blog design! The edginess of the skulls mixed with the soft/sweet colors is perfect.

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