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Fall Lustlist

I’m not sure what this “Fall” season everyone speaks of but I imagine it being a lot cooler than it is in Florida. We get three seasons in Florida – hottest, hot, and rainy. That’s about it.

Irregardless, I’ve been incapable of creating warm weather outfits. My brain is over the heat. It was a balmy 85° yesterday. Does that count as Fall? I’m ready for sweaters, boots, and darker colors. (Nevermind that 80% of my wardrobe consists of black.) I think I’m going to raise my fist to the weatherman and wear whatever I want. Who cares if I sweat to death? Sigh.

Here are some items that I’m really lusting over for Fall. You know, for whenever the cooler weather decides to grace our presence.

1) Lip Print Blouse $19.99 | I purchased a similar top on Groop Dealz the other night. I feel like this print can be worn numerous ways. It’s cute, but different.
2) Motorcycle Sweater $64 | Apparently graphic print sweaters are “in” for Fall. There are a lot of cutesy shapes and animals available but obviously that isn’t my style. THIS is a graphic sweater I can get on board with. (Though I think the price is a little high.)
3) Burgundy Maxi Skirt $24.80 | I guess the good part about living in Florida is that skirts are acceptable most of the year. I love the leather trim and burgundy color of this maxi skirt. I can see wearing it with a black long sleeve tee, leather jacket, and black booties.
4) Leather Paneled Leggings $28 | How perfect would these be paired with that motorcycle sweater? Ugh, I die. Comfortable and trendy.

1) Leopard Oxford $9.98 | Do yourself a favor and go purchase these shoes. THEY’RE ONLY $10. Might have to add them to my collection soon. I could get a lot of use out of them.
2) Dr. Marten 1460 Patent $120 | I’m breaking my frugal rule and sharing these boots. Patent leather is always on trend and Dr. Marten’s last FOREVER. Seriously, I wore the same pair of Doc Mary Janes every day of high school.
3) Double Side Zipper Ankle Boot $35.50 | One of my favorite colors to pair with black is camel. These boots could be worn with practically everything. And with that chunky heel, I bet they’re pretty comfortable.

1) Express Camo Scarf $34.90 | This list wouldn’t be complete without a scarf. I love the pop of neon on this camo scarf. I probably could have made an entire board of scarves, but I’ll spare you. #scarfobsessed
2) Mossimo Lace Jacket $29.99 | Here’s a twist on your typical moto jacket. The lace makes this jacket girly while the style leans towards edgy. I saw it at Target the other day and instantly fell in lust.
3) Camo Utility Vest $24.80 | Vests are perfect for Florida. They provide the perfect amount of warmth for our mild weather. I would prefer an olive green utility vest but I couldn’t find a good one online. Maybe they’re already out of style? I make my own rules.

Now, let’s cool down a little bit, Florida, so I can enjoy some of these trends.

What are you lusting over for Fall?

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