Summer DIY Pinspiration

Lately I’ve been daydreaming about ideas for my home. Something about the warmer weather really inspires the DIY side of me. I’ve lived in my house for a little over two years but it still doesn’t really feel like home. Most days it feels like a hodge-podge of hand-me-downs and decor from college. Read: not very “adult.” And I’d really like to change that.

There’s a good possibility that Adam will be moving in with me in the not-so-distant future. That’s exciting and scary at the same time. It would be a big step in our relationship but I’m looking forward to sharing the same space with him. He seems to show some initiative in wanting to help me with some home projects so I’m excited about hopefully turning this house into a home… for two!

Here’s some recent favorite projects I’ve pinned and hope to work on at my own house. (Are we Pinterest friends? We should be!)

DIY Nautical Address Buoys

DIY Nautical Address Buoys | It’s no surprise that I’m a fan of anything nautical. When I saw this project, I immediately envisioned a red front door flanked with these nautical buoys and a nautical welcome sign. (Maybe like this? I do have a pallet that’s waiting to be upcycled.)

DIY Stenciled Outdoor Rug

DIY Stenciled Outdoor Rug | Carrying on with the nautical theme, I’d love to make a smaller version of this rug either striped or with anchors. My back porch is small but leaves much to be imagined. (I could even make a small version of this rug for the front porch.) I’d love to create a space that is comfortable for evenings outside with a glass of wine and the dogs running through the yard. I’m seeing chairs with comfy cushions, a small table between with a citronella candle burning, lights or lanterns lining the eaves, and a spot for plants or an herb garden. I have a very creative imagination which is both a blessing and a curse.

DIY Rug Ottoman

DIY Rug Ottoman | I currently have a large round “leather” ottoman serving as a coffee table and foot rest in my living room. Thanks to the cat, it’s turned into a scratched up mess and I can’t wait to replace it with a wooden table that allows a hard surface for placing drinks and decorative books. But I’m not quite ready to get rid of it and have hopes of being able to reuse it in another room. (Maybe my beauty studio?) This tutorial gives me hope for adding new life to that ottoman and though a rug might not be the answer for me, thick upholstery fabric should also do the trick.

DIY Rain Barrel

DIY Rain Barrel | Another hope that I have is to create a small garden in my back yard. I can’t wait to plant flowers and maybe vegetables. Living in Florida means it rains quite a bit (especially in the Summer) and I would love to have a way to recycle that natural resource. I like that this tutorial makes the barrel part of the house and less of an eye sore. We’ll add this to the honey-do list for a weekend project.

DIY Fire Pit

DIY Fire Pit | One of the bonuses of my house is that it’s set up perfectly to entertain. The living spaces are open and the backyard is large. Adam and I have talked about hosting parties and this fire pit would make a great focal point in the backyard. Seems like a relatively easy weekend project.

Patriotic Wooden Plank Flag

DIY Wood Plank Flag | Runner up to my love of everything nautical is everything patriotic. I love the subtle look of this flag and think it would be beautiful done in a small or large scale. (Can’t you see a large version hanging on a bedroom or living room wall?) This is another project that could be done using pallets. It would make the end look a little more rustic. And the neutral colors mean it could work with almost any decor.

DIY Scrabble Blocks

DIY Scrabble Blocks | Who doesn’t love scrabble? Score 10 for Adam’s last name and 16 for mine. You could create these for any room with any words. Maybe I’ll make a couple of sets…

What DIY projects are you loving these days?

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