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On Mondays We Kayak Fish

It’s no surprise by now that Adam and I are pretty avid fishermen. We’re not always successful but we love hitting local lakes and ponds for largemouth bass. On Monday we got the opportunity to try out a local lake with a couple of kayaks. This was the first time either of us had fished out of a kayak and it was a lot of fun!

I’m lucky to work in a place that will loan me a few ‘yaks for a couple of hours. We actually paddled out behind my store, hopped the road, and dropped back down into another stream that feeds into a large lake. We fished our way down and fished around the entire lake.


We saw a couple of turtles, some water birds, but no fish. That’s right – we didn’t catch a single fish in the lake. The only thing we caught was a nasty sunburn. (Ouch!) But just being out in nature together was fun. We were paranoid about tipping over but thankfully we stayed pretty dry. At one point, we connected our kayaks and I ate my breakfast picnic-style while Adam casted out. (How romantic!)


We paddled around for about two hours and headed in. We cleaned up the yaks (and ourselves) and headed over to a favorite pond where we caught a handful of decent fish. We fished around that pond for about 45 minutes before getting rained out and heading home.


All and all (and despite the nasty sunburns – ouchhhh) we had a really good day. We have really come to love our fishing days. It’s nice to have a shared hobby. I can’t wait until our next fishing adventure. And I promise to remember sunscreen.

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