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Currently Coveting Camo

Camo has really become a hot trend in fashion. And it should come as no surprise to any of you that I’ve totally jumped on board the camo train. (Choo choo!) What was once reserved strictly for uniforms and blending into the woods, camo has become a chic pattern that can be worn with classic or edgy pieces. With the neutral colors, this pattern can easily be worked into any wardrobe. Is camo the new leopard?

I purchased my first piece of camo clothing – a pair of skinny jeans from Target – after seeing this post on Kendi Everyday. I even used her outfit as inspiration for this ensemble that I wore out for drinks with the girls in January.

I made this masculine print more feminine with a bold statement necklace and wedged boots. I’ve also worn these pants in more edgy ways, like motorcycle riding.

Since then, I’ve noticed some of my favorite fashion bloggers incorporating camo into their looks. I love how they’ve all styled the camo differently.


Top to Bottom: Jessica of What I Wore | Shanna of Because Shanna Said So | Blair of Atlantic-Pacific | Kendi of Kendi Everyday

As the weather gets warmer, the camo trend is crossing over into Spring and Summer attire. And you can bet that I dying to get my hands on some new camo pieces. Here are a few items I’m currently coveting.


  1. Tablet Case – GAP, $18.99
  2. Hooded Spiked Camo Jacket – Forever 21, $47.80
  3. Camo & Lace Scarf – Nordstrom, $18
  4. Camo Ballet Flats – Target, $14.99
  5. Zip-Pocket Shorts – Old Navy, $22.00
  6. Camo Backpack – Target, $29.99
  7. Studded Camo Skinny Jeans – Forever 21, $29.80

Spikes and studs add an edgy feel while the lace on the scarf makes the camo feminine and soft. (Love, love, love that scarf!) Camo is even being incorporated into more unconventional items like the tablet case and backpack. Camo – love it or leave it? I definitely love it!

One thought on “Currently Coveting Camo”

  1. A few of my favorite fashion bloggers are on the camo bandwagon, & while I confess that I think it’s sort of cute, sometimes, I hope it’s not the new leopard because… I don’t think I could ever. Coming from a hunting family, I just can’t imagine every wearing camo in any other situation!

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