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On Sundays We Fish

Something that you may not know about me is that I work at an outdoors sporting goods store specializing in fishing, hunting, and kayaking. That probably sounds totally unglamourous until I throw in the fact that I’m responsible for the company social media, e-commerce site, accounting, and basic retail tasks like running a register, answering phones, and helping customers. All in a days work for this girl!

So, it’s safe to assume that I’m a fan of the outdoors. I’ve been fishing for as long as I can remember. (Freshwater fishing is my favorite.) I’ve also been deer hunting (though not in YEARS) and have hopes of learning how to shoot a bow soon.


It’s become a tradition for Adam and I to fish on Sundays. We usually hit ponds around Saint Marys, Georgia or here in Jax. Unfortunately over the past few weeks we’ve either had plans or the weather hasn’t cooperated so we’ve had to cancel our fishing plans. (We’re definitely looking forward to warmer weather and sunny days.)

I’ve really come to appreciate this time. Not only do I get to do something I enjoy, but I get to spend quality time with Adam. We turn our weekly fishing trips into mini competitions (I win most of the time, but who’s counting) and enjoy a couple of hours together.


Of all the weeks we’ve fished, I have to say that my fondest memory so far is the Sunday Adam caught this monster bass. He just purchased new gear, cast out, and landed this nice fish. Needless to say, he won that day.

This past Sunday we hit the water for a little bit. The conditions weren’t great and we didn’t catch much, but after a funfilled weekend per the norm, it was nice to just enjoy the quiet for a little while.


We also stumbled upon this guy. (I’m glad he was on the opposite bank.)

So, now you know that the girl who loves fashion and being a girly-girl is also an avid fisher(wo)man and nature enthusiast. I’m a woman of many talents, what can I say?

5 thoughts on “On Sundays We Fish”

  1. Yes, all the time! There’s a female that returns to my dad’s front yard (he has a creek-fed pond) every summer to have her babies. They scurry all over the yard and driveway. Welcome to Florida! We usually see small guys but this guy was HUGE.

  2. Fishing reminds me of my dad & my uncles, who love(d) it. I’d go with them a lot as a kid, but I could never quite bring myself to actually TOUCH the fish I caught. Guess that’s a dealbreaker for becoming a fisherwoman.

  3. Haha, yeah, you kind of loose points for asking the guys to take the fish off the hook for you. It’s definitely not my favorite part though. But it’s been a lot of fun. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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