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Our Love Story

Depending on who you ask will determine what story you get. If you ask me, I’ll tell you we met at a bar over a shared love of line dancing. (Which is true.) If you ask Adam, he’ll tell you we were neighbors in the same apartment complex. (Which is also true.) But the irony of our story is that we met in 2009 but didn’t start dating until late 2012.

My first impression of Adam was the he was cute, but I wrote him off as a typical young sailor. (Read: A party boy with a knack for women and alcohol.) Adam says he first remembers me as the blond working the bar games for the local country radio station. (Read: Cute, but unavailable and probably uninterested.) We eventually took the leap and became Facebook friends after exchanging pleasantries and small talk at the bar and realizing we were neighbors.

Through the years, Adam has just sort of been there. Aside from quick conversations on the dance floor, I didn’t know much about him. We briefly emailed back and forth during one of his deployments, we wished each other happy birthday on our Facebook walls (his is the day after mine), and had otherwise brief and sporadic interaction through the years. He deployed numerous time, reenlisted in the Navy, moved to a neighboring state, dated his share of women, and had his share of fun. I had a couple of jobs, tried to make a long-term relationship work (multiple times), colored my hair more shades than I can count, and went through my own share of crises. But he was always there.

Last year, a few months after I ended a dead-end long-term relationship, I got a Facebook message from Adam. He innocently inquired about what happened and offered his condolences. And from there, our communication (and flirtation) increased.

For a couple of weeks, he casually tried to convince me to meet him out and I sort of blew him off. I was convinced that he would never amount to anything serious and I wasn’t ready for a “good time” at that point. But one night (and I’ll be honest – it was partially out of boredom), I messaged him and initiated going out. We met at a local country bar (but not the one we normally attend) and spent the night chatting over drinks and slow dances.

From there we went out on a handful of dates. We danced, saw a movie, met for drinks. I enjoyed our time together but never felt any sort of sparks. It wasn’t until we met one night in September at our regular haunt that my feelings for him changed.

We spent the night dancing and carrying on with friends. He walked me out to my car and I knew this night would be different. He leaned in and kissed me… then pulled back and asked, “Is that all you’ve got?” Challenge accepted!

After that night, I was smitten. We continued to go out and my feelings for Adam grew. I knew he was someone I wanted to be around more and more. And on October 15th, over burgers and frozen drinks at a local restaurant, we made things official.

Now, that was all the fun stuff. You want to know the mushy stuff?

There are so many things I love about Adam. Aside from the obvious fact that I think he’s absolutely adorable, he is the sweetest and most caring guy I have ever met. His ambition and charisma is contagious, his knack for adventure and spontaneity means there’s never a dull moment, and the fact that we have melded our lives together with minimal effort gives me great hope for our future together.

I laugh when I think about our history, all those years I thought he was just another sailor. And maybe he was. My theory on our timeline together is this – we’ve spent the last three years or so living our own lives, intertwining just enough to be reminded occasionally of each others existence. During this time, we matured and worked out the kinks in life. We had fun, we made mistakes, we lived. But we were always there. And when the timing was right and our lives were headed down the same path, they came together. We moved slowly into our relationship, we got to know one another, and then BOOM! Everything just fit into place.

I’m not one to necessarily believe in serendipitous events, but I can’t describe our relationship in any other way. Adam has quickly become my friend, confidant, and lover. He has come to mean more to me in these short months than any man I have ever known. He’s smart, motivated, fun, caring, genuine – all the things you would want your knight in shining armor to be. And I am so thankful that he walked into that bar in 2009.

I’ll leave you with a quote because I think Adam says it better than I.

“With you, it’s different. This isn’t just a good time. It’s like you fill an empty space that I never knew was empty; you fulfill a void I never knew was there.”

He’s a keeper.

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