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Biker Babe

I’ve never been a fan of motorcycles. My dad had a couple of Harleys for a while when I was growing up, but it’s just not something I’ve ever really been into. I’d see guys fly by on crotch rockets or see scruffy old men on Harleys and think about how I would never see myself riding on the back of a bike. It’s so wild and dangerous.

When the ex and I broke up, I joked that my next boyfriend would have tattoos and a motorcycle. I just wanted something completely different from what I dealt with the previous four years.

And then I started dating Adam and part of that joke came true.

Since dating Adam, my ideas and perceptions of motorcycles have changed. When we first started dating, I wasn’t fond of the idea. It took me a while to even agree to go for a ride. I had no idea what to expect. For one of our dates, we rode the bike down to St. Augustine for dinner. And it was fun!

Since then, I’ve embraced the idea of motorcycles and have enjoyed the excuse to wear more leather and studs. Adam is part of a motorcycle club so a lot of our time together now is spent riding. It’s definitely a change for me and a huge step out of my comfort zone. But that’s what makes life fun – new experiences and challenges.

When you’re with someone who shows such a great amount of passion in everything they do, it’s contagious. You suddenly want to work harder, take part in their hobbies and interests, and introduce them to the activities you enjoy. That’s what I’ve loved about this whole relationship so far. So many new experiences. We’re always doing something fun, whether it’s going out on the bikes or watching movies at home.

It’s never a dull moment and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

What kind of crazy or dangerous hobbies are you into?

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